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by The Socialite

Stunning, innovative and simply stylish, here are the top 14 trends for Spring/Summer 2015

Trends & Colors

Shirtdresses: A vintage fashion design that has evolved over years, this style is set to stay no matter how the trends change. Designed with high slits, deep fronts and drop waists, shirt dresses are classically stylish.

Khaki: A style trend that has graced the runways and the streets for over 40 years. This season too, this trend is sure to find itself in the creations of a number of fashion designers. From the sexy military style by Marc Jacobs to Ralph Lauren’s safari style, khaki has found its way into many classic outfits.

Black and White: A trend that simply refuses to go out of style. The black and white combo has been used by many fashion designers, vying to create fashion waves on the runway. Different textures, silhouettes, patterns and designs give a fresh look to this classic color combination each time.

Blue and White: Another classy combination that’s found its way up the fashion trends. Not too severe or too girly, this color combination gives the right blend of professionalism, sophistication and urban chic. Combinations of different shades of blue and white give you plenty to experiment with.

Ravishing Red: Lighting up the runway or the street in bright and bold colors, go the “red” way with this trend. From leather to silk and lace, red outfits are perfect for work and after.

Just White: Pristine clean and eye catchy, white is the trend to go for, if you love layering. Put together different shades of white or multiple pieces to create your very own unique style.

Jumpsuits: They’re comfy, casual and subtly sexy too! This industry-inspired outfit takes a fashion dive with embellishments, accessories and flattering silhouettes. Some of the top fashion designers experimenting with this trend are Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren and Emilio Pucci.

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by Kate Lalic

Fringe has been in and out of fashion for a long time. It is most consistently found in the more rural areas of the United States as decoration for jackets and cowboy boots, or on traditional Native American clothing and costumes. Fringe has come back in a big way this season. Look out for this design on the following accessories to make sure that your wardrobe is fully prepared for spring fashion!!

More and more fashion designers are using fringe in their shoe design. You will be able to find fringe on boots and booties, pumps, and even stilettos. Some thigh-high boots may feature fringe towards the top part of the boot, while ankle-high footwear will often feature fringe around the cuff or closer to the toe, which is how some pairs of loafers are designed. Skirts of varying lengths can all be adorned with fringe–even minis!Skirt of varying levels of tightness can also be adorned with fringe and look great. Whether you’re planning on wearing a maxi, mid-length, or mini, whether it’s skin-tight or loose and flowing, fringe will make your look and feel more complete and trendy.

Dresses covered in fringe have come in and out of style a lot over the years. From Nancy Sinatra to Tina Turner, fringes dresses have come in and out of the limelight over the course of the past century or so. Don’t forget about your non-clothing accessories as well. With the growing impact of this trend, you’ll soon be able to get your hands on handbags, bracelets, necklaces, headbands, earrings, and even swim wear that features fringe.

So don’t hesitate to start shopping around to find the fringe outfit or accessory suits your sense of fashion best!

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