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By Kate Lalic

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Balanced minds are walking towards each other.
I feel my cold rosy cheeks heating at the thought of his lips brushing mine…

His Dolce perfume is rubbing off on my hair, he wants me to smell like him to show the world I’m his. Am I really? His voice in my neck soothes me, I’m home now. I’m finally near his balanced mind. I tried explaining my departure, building a spider web of lies. I don’t wanna hurt him and I don’t want him to know, because I need him.

This morning, I lost my way home
Breathe, breathe
The dawn soothes me
Helping me to see again
My brain, as a ticking bomb
Doesn’t follow the beating of my heart
I have to sow parts of my shredded soul…
Calm me, help me be myself again.
Please erase my dark memories, please.
How can I discover his soul when I can’t even open mine?
I feel your soul standing still
Mine, running into circles as a terrified horse kept between fences.
Tears are rolling down my cheeks, he thinks it’s joy. I know it’s sadness.
His deep hazel eyes are searching for answers through mine.
His humid hands are touching softly my lower back under my silk blouse.

– Let’s get out of here, I whisper between his lips. My tongue searching for his, my hand going down below his designer belt.

We are alone, surrounded by fog. For a moment, I smiled…

-I want your body on mine right now, let’s go before it starts pouring, I say.

We’re walking hand in hand, not talking. Words ruins everything.
Cuddle King thinks I’m a simple girl because I don’t like talking… if only he knew.

Luv Lalic.

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