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We are all excited when it’s time to say goodbye to our lovely room we’ve been growing up in at our parent’s house. This room means a lot to us. We’ve been studying in that room, we did our sleepover parties with our friends and spent time in it when we needed to be alone; without the rest of the world. #emomoments 

And when you are grown up, when you finish your studies and get your first job it’s the countdown until you think about looking for you own place, your first condo/apartment. It’s exciting, you feel like an adult, you’ll finally have the independence you’ve been fighting for the past years!! Yes fighting, especially if you have immigrant parents! You know when you want to go out but your parents still ask what time you’ll be back home, who you are going with, etc. All those simple questions you don’t want to answer because you simply don’t know and you think you don’t need to give so much details because you’re not 15 anymore but they just see you as a kid whatever your age… it’s finally over guys! But we all know that when a problem come to an end, another one is knocking at the door simply because life can’t be all pink like Edith Piaf once said. 

That’s the moment you need to think about how you are going to accommodate and decorate your condo/appartment. It costs a lot to move place so you would like to make sure you invest on it correctly. This article will give you some advice about how to decorate your condo in a modern way and what are the things to avoid.

First of all, it’s important to choose the good condo/apartment. It needs to be spacious and bright. Don’t be afraid. spacious doesn’t mean big. We know big places are more expensive… A place can be small and spacious, that means less rooms for more space in each room. Especially the living room and the kitchen. A spacious living room will make you feel comfortable and make it easy to accommodate because this is the room where you put more furniture and decoration. This is the room where you spend more time and where your guests will spend time. It’s even better when there’s no separation between the kitchen and the living room. It gives more space and it’s more friendly when you have guests.


  • Even though plants gives a fresh atmosphere to your condo, your living room is not a garden! One plant in the corner of the room is enough. And think about the fact that a plant needs to be watered and maintained so if you have many of them, you’ll need to spend more time on them.
  • Avoid light colors for couches. Even though we all can’t resist to off-white couches in a big bright room with zebra carpet, they are not easy to maintain and it’s difficult to control your guests moves so… They are nice for your second living room but not for your main living room. If you like bright colors, go for a light grey couch instead.


  • Choose one cool chair or 2 design bar stools to give a designer touch to the room. GFURN has the best selection of modern, mid-century and Scandinavian furniture
  • A long armchair for little naps or a vintage one in the corner to add a pop touch to your living room. you’ll love that one from the European chain “Maison du Monde”  or this one from the Belgian store “Marie’s corner
  • One colorful wall to give a change to the monochrome color of the room is nice. Check the 2017 pantone palette to inspire yourself! 
  • Glass table, it leaves the sunlight shine through the room and it makes your small space look bigger, less cluttered.
  • Greenery is the pantone spring color 2017, go for decorations of that color. That shade of green recalls the calm atmosphere of the nature. Cushions, blanket, vases, paintings there are plenty of nice items you can get in that color that match perfectly with a natural plant. Zara Home has a lot of selection in the shades of green — cushions.

zara home decorations


  • If your kitchen is white (or any other bright color) go for colorful items. If you like PURPLE , check this online store to get original items. Everything they sell is purple!! 
  • A long bar table in the middle of your kitchen (or between your kitchen and your living room) to have the impression to be at the bar of a nice pub. Nice to discuss (about boys) with your friends on friday nights. #singlelife
  • Natural plants and candles in your bathroom gives a calm and relaxing atmosphere. What’s more relaxing than a bath lit by candles? In the corner of your bathtub, you can leave a selection of bath products to give the impression to be in a wellness room. You’ll find plenty of them at Rituals, scented wood sticks, relaxing shower gel, shower oils, etc. All that with a small wooden table next the bathtub with fashion, beauty, decoration reviews to spend a nice and relaxing moment in your bath.
  • For your bedroom, there’s no better sensation than being woken up by the sunshine — in white sheets. Yes we all want that white pinterest bedroom, let’s make it happen. If you hang a beautiful frame on the wall just in front of your bed, that represent something positive to you, just to wake up with a positive mood. Something that always makes you think positive, it can be a city, about your hobby or anything. There’s a selection of nice frames at Ikea or Homesense.  You can always do your own; with vintage frames and your favorite quotes. 

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