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By Kate Lalic

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Moms always know best. She knew that the second guy you dated wasn’t the one (she was right), that your best friend was actually not the best of friends (she was right) and that purple is not your color.

When your Mom is from an immigrant family, it seems likes she is walking around with a discount radar on her forehead. She is the Queen of shopping when it comes down to finding stuff on sale at Zara – or everywhere else. You don’t want your wedding to look like ¨the pair of shoes that doesn’t really fit you but are only 19$ and cute, so you are buying them anyways.¨ The shoe must fit, you are Cinderella once in your life. For your wedding day, leave the stress to a professional wedding planner – who will also be your psychologist for the next few months.

Here are 5 reasons why your mom should NOT be your wedding planner;


1) Taste. Your mom is probably still planning her dream wedding from 25 years ago. Maybe her wedding day wasn’t perfect, but she wants yours to be – with the same suppliers. This is one time where Vintage is not in fashion.

Monster in law

2) You can’t lay her off. If you disagree, you’ll have to agree. This is another time in your life where you’ll be 24/7 with your mom for at least 9 months. Back to the womb.

3) The wedding head count is going to be off the roof. Hello old creepy uncles.

4) Budget. Even if she loves to find deals, she will still find the most expensive cake in town just because wedding cakes MUST be traditionally large and high. Reminds me of one of Queen Elizabeth’s hat.

queen elizabeth

5) Stress level just went up 10 notches. Have you ever seen your mom calm you down? Never. She will definitely not be the ¨Guardian of your phone ¨ the day of.

Make her part of your decisions and let her know how your planning is going but, remember, she is a guest at your wedding – enjoying champagne and a piece of the normal size cake you chose.

It is also a bid day for her – seeing her little girl becoming a woman, making her own decisions and starting with the most important one: marrying the man of her dreams & love of her life.

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