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By Kate Lalic

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Ah. France. France is known well for their good food, fashion and women. Yes. Women. Pink coats and black hats, with a cigarette in one hand and a purse in the other, a French woman is certainly the wonder.

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French women are usually feminine. French men are usually masculine. It’s just how the French culture is set out to be. Now the French are known to not ever get fat, grow old, have grey hair, have unkept nails, an outfit never on-point. Its just not in their nature. They certainly never sleep alone.

The thing about French women is their style. There is a rule in the women’s house actually. When you are about to walk out of your house, just glance in the mirror. Now take ONE thing off and set it by the counter. Perfect anything that needs retouching (hair, lipstick, that sparkly brooch) and nod in satisfactory.

Blond messy hair and red lips, maybe a little black dress and surely pointy black stilettos for a night in Paris.
Kate Lalic

The style of a woman in France is quite and art form. They swear by classic silhouettes altered to fit perfectly. They collect quirky jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, rings, necklaces, in contrasting colors and textures. Scarves are a must in the French wardrobe, as it is the most basic accessory their may be to cover up the sexy area. This makes them even more sexy, with the overall overtness of her body. French women favor undertstated makeup that doesn’t shout for attention. In fact, most French women wear almost nothing but some foundation and mascara. They just are confident enough to show their faces bare.

In reality black and white colors are most common in the French woman’s wardrobe. It is said that a woman must have a pair of jeans, a black skirt, a black jacket, a white t-shirt and a white skirt in her wardrobe, minimally. If a woman can piece those items together and find some colorful accessories to go along with that, she has won the game.

French women are naturally tall and thin. A perfect combination to be of a model. It is rare to see a French woman “fat” as they say it these days. The secret to being thin is to eat slowly. In fact, usually all the shops and working facilities close for a full three hours during lunch time, as lunch is the biggest meal of the day. Now, the cuisine may not be as important as of right this moment (we can talk about the French cuisine later) there are significant foods (which I very much love, love, love) like Steak Frites (French Fries in America) and Baguettes with pistachio butter. The colorful Macarons which are to die for and the croissants with coffee for breakfasts, is what I actually live for.

We’ve all been inspired by these eternal beauties; Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve iconic face.

Modernity brought us Marion Cotillard, this fresh parisian Girl-next-door is trying to change the world one movie at a time. She is also a spokeperson for Greenpeace. his gorgeous environmentalist is always in style!

We can’t talk about french woman without talking politics; Carla Bruni Sarkozy. She is living the Parisian dream… (almost the same as the American one!) She started as a singer/songwriter, now happily married to the ex -president and continues her charity work to promote access to culture and knowledge for all.

Overall, a French women will never smile and show her teeth unless there is something to smile about. She will aimlessly sit in a small out door café drinking her coffee, maybe even smoking a cigarette or reading a book. But if she is looking blankly into space, with her head in one arm looking as though she is imagining a whole new world, just know that she would rather be some place else, or at least have a lover to talk to.  Always remember, a real French woman knows how to love…


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