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     Today I woke up with a feeling to go travel somewhere. No just for vacation but to have a real adventure, somewhere foreign, somewhere I have no connection with. I have a dilemma. It is officially December, the month of red hats, lots of hot chocolate and presents. December is also the second month known to be the busiest for travel. Though I live in New York City, I wouldn’t go on vacation in December simply because New York is magical on Christmas! So maybe I will wait until January or even go meet my new prince charming in February. Here is a list of all the places, I as the Socialite, think are travel worthy if you are looking for an exotic escape this holiday season. Are you an adventure seeker?

-Holy water temple, Bali


One of the cleanest and purest waters…probably ever. This is a different kind of relaxing. Actually it is relaxing at a whole new level. Literally speaking, you are surrounded by water, everywhere. Look down to your feet and you are standing on see-through glass, and you are seeing fish? Yes, fish. Walk outside your door? Oh, it’s just water. Bora Bora is the best honey moon destination. Overwater bungalows and aquamarine waters will make you feel like you hit the jackpot with this resort.

In all, there are 196 countries, 5 oceans, 85 seas, numerous rivers, cities and mountains across the globe. Each place has its own charm, uniqueness, different culture which either intrigues you or stupefies you. Traveling widens your horizon, literally (admit it, that was a great pun). Traveling enthralls your senses as soon as you see a beautiful sea, a tall mountain or a snow clad region. Pack your bags and let’s go.

-Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Located in Indonesia, Bali is an exotic adventure. From riding a bike on the coast, jumping off cliffs into crystal blue water or meeting elephants that roam around, Bali is the perfect destination for a warm get away. Remembering that you are on a tropical island helps you leave some time to lay on the beach and relax. Enjoying the hotel pool and the warm torquise Indian Ocean sounds lovely right now. Wouldn’t you agree?


 Ahh… Dubai and I go way back. I used to have two very good friends who would go travel to Dubai whenever they wanted. I was very jealous and started saving up to go there myself. We drifted apart over the last year (I guess people change, right?) but my connection never drifted from Dubai. Maybe it’s seeing the tallest building in the world. Or maybe being surrounded by nice people, of simply knowing that I am in the City of Gold.


Located in Morocco, this is my dream destination. Well, my best friend lives there. I knew here brother first and when she was visiting him, we met and clicked. I can tell we will be friends our whole lives. But this also means we will shared lots of vacations and memories together. First of them would be Marakesh! She lives in rabat, a city a couple of hours from Marakesh. Close to the city are the suburbs, or like they call them, villas. Staying in a villa is what matters most – well besides the fact that you are in Morocco…

Don’t forget to hashtag # your airport style 



Located in the Cyclades islands group of Greece, Santorini is an island with most active volcano in the Southern Aegean Volcanic Arc. It is the home of stunning sunsets, dramatic view and vibrant colors of the ocean and beaches as well. So have a plate of real seafood and a glass of wine to set you straight.

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