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It is impossible to be in New York City and not try to eat everything. It is also impossible to never stumble into a hidden gem. You know, ones that are hard to find yet incredibly irresistible. Let’s explore New York through food, shall we?

“Where are we going for dinner?” is probably the most heard phrase in New York. You see, it’s the going somewhere that they long for, not to eat something. You can eat anything, anywhere. But it’s the traveling and the feeling of being together that they long for. My favorite place is The River Café in Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, or DUMBO for short. It’s an American restaurant with gorgeous views of New York City and is literally right on the water! Another great place for dinner is called Fig and Olive in the Meatpacking District, West Village. There is a wafting smell of rosemary that travels the air throughout the restaurant, it is especially a good place to celebrate your birthday, like I did.

You see, the thing about New York is the fashion and the food. With fashion must come food! So it is nearly impossible to not have anything. If you want something, I guarantee you there is a restaurant solely for what you want. Do you want chocolate pizza? Or endless amount of pancakes? Or some Softshell crab? Or even gluten free pizza? There is a place for each. So, then if you treat New York right, it treats you right as well!

It is important to know as well where you are in the beautiful island of Manhattan. You see, there are sections of Manhattan, usually each one for a specific purpose, or each one with a certain crowd. There are markets in each sections. These markets are like shopping malls, but for food where they have ready made things or grocery items as well. One of my favorite places is Eataly which is gourmet Italian market place. Inside the market place is about 5 restaurant all in different cuisines. You sit in whichever Italian cuisine you want (Seafood, Pizza, Pasta, Desert, and Poultry) and eat from the small menu. When you are done eating, you take a cart and shop. One of my favorite thing to do for a romantic summer date is eat at one of these restaurants and then buy Pistachio Butter and a long Baguette. Then take a cab to the NYC Highline and eat the desert there. Eataly is on the pricey side, so don’t come in expecting to spend a couple bucks.

Next is my second favorite hangout place. It is called City Kitchen and truly that name does not lie. This is more of little shops selling different things in one market place. There is a pretzel stand, a doughnut shop called Dough (amazing doughnuts for $3), a sushi place, a Japanese ramen noodle soup shop, you name it. It is connected to ROW Hotel on 45th st and 8th ave. It is a wonderful hangout spot and the food is just amazing. Another great café is called Under Line Coffee, which is a small café that serves coffee and toast. It is located under the Highline on 20th street between 10th and 11th ave. It is a great spot for a catchup with your girlfriends after work, or a mid-day snack by yourself.

Brunch! Who doesn’t like brunch on a Saturday morning? That is why it is important to try out Norma’s at least once in your life. Norma’s is a reservation only restaurant that is solely open for brunch. It is at the Le Parker Meridian hotel and is probably the most expensive breakfast you will eat. To give you an estimate on how much everything costs, freshly squeezed orange juice is $9. So, imagine eating 5 huge pancakes with Nutella under each? Or the lox on top of the eggs? Word of advice, just bring $50 with you and you will be ok at Norma’s. Another good brunch favorite is Sarabeth’s on Central Park South, where the brunch is too die for. Another place to go for brunch with your girlfriends on a Saturday morning is Cookshop in the Chelsea District (also a very good place to live). It is almost like a farmer-meets-hipster feel to it and definitely worth trying.

Or you could always get dressed up and hope to bump into Jay-Z and Beyonce at Buttermilk Channel in Brooklyn. Arrive early!



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