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By Kate Lalic

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Spring 2015

 is here and so we’ll be embarking on a much anticipated summer!! Every year hairstyles are known to change like the seasons do and this spring and summer are no different. We’re seeing lots of fashionable up dos, colored bobs, ponytails and the new and trending Sombre. If you’re a fashionista like myself you’ll most definitely enjoy all these playful hairstyles.

The Up Do is another look that I love personally. Simply because sometimes you don’t have to put much effort into it. On those hot summer days you can just put your hair up and go. This is another versatile look and can be dressed up or down. Whether to work, lunch, school, to run errands, or out on a romantic night out on the town with your boo. This look can be accessorized with any type of accessory from dressy to plain. I personaly love putting my hair in a messy bun and wear a maxi dress paired with a pair of cuff earrings.

Now the Bob has always been in style but it seems that people are rocking it now more than ever. From long (the Lob) to short, and ranging in many different colors. This look can be worn anywhere, anytime. Because it is an all purpose look it can be dressed up with any type of accessory, sporty to chic. This is one look that has been surfacing on the fashion runways lately. And I must say that the models have been killing this style!

Last but not least we have the classic ponytail. This look is considered haute couture, and can be worn in any occasion. It’s a very simple look but dressed up with the right outfit and accessory you will transform it into a glamorous one. I’ve seen many designers use this look on their runways in plenty of spring/summer runway shows. You can part it down the middle, on the side or simply slick it back for a sleek classy look.

Everyone knows the ever popular Ombre but this look has taken a backseat to the new and trending Sombre or may I call it the Tortoiseshell color (Écaille color). They say it’s the new balayage. Sombre is basically the Ombre in lighter tones. Women are using lighter tones instead of the darker tones to highlight their facial features and skin tones. The really good thing about this look is that it can compliment any skin tone and adds a classy, youthful look to ones face to get the flawless Gisele Bunchen look. A lot of women are saying that this look is more easier to rock than the Ombre. The Sombre is a more grown up look to the Ombre, and will look better in the corporate field or even a classy social event. Khloé Kardashian to Jessica Alba, they all adopted the look for spring. I love tortoiseshell technique and color, it’s so natural and sexy. I’m sure my tortoiseshell color will match perfectly with my beachy outfits for Bali this summer…. Yes, I’m going to Bali, can’t wait to send you some look of the day pictures!

Ladies these looks are easy to achieve so don’t be afraid to try something new and different this Spring/Summer.

It’s time to reinvent yourself and love yourself…! Isn’t it what Spring is all about, new beginnings?

Luv Lalic.

If you are fair or pale, asks for some golden tones to add vibrancy. If you’re closer to an olive color or have a pink complexion, ask for some ash elements to give your skin a more natural, sun-kissed look.

Hollywood colorist George Papanikolas


Be different. Be fashionable. Be you.


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