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Being ¨au naturel¨ is not only on the outside but on the inside also. I love being myself and I embrace it. I laugh so hard I definitely scare off the elephant in the room. Some people judge, so what? I am who I am and you are who you are, with all your flaws and [...]


  I needed a break from all this fashion frenzy. Anna Sui’s romantic bohemian spirit makes me want to go buy a flowy dress. Never mind, i’ll stick to my Balmain’s check jacket. Snow is insisting to stay a little bit longer, even though Spring/Summer trends have arrived in every store on Fifth Avenue. I’m […]


La St-Valentin approche et les vautours se rapprochent… Seule ma plume ne fane pas sous l’humidité de la literie. L’effluve des roses n’est pas assez puissante pour m’attendrir. Ton corps l’est. Les grands auteurs sont souvent plus près de l’Amour que les Humains… m’a dit un jour Nelligan… L’amour avec un grand K. Kate je […]


’’ D’une jeune fille très fraîche, elle est devenue la femme la plus belle que j’ai jamais vue. La gamine charmante mais sans grand intérêt à mes yeux, s’est muée en un femme sublime dans sa gestuelle, sa morphologie, l’élégance et sa démarche’’. – Serge Gainsbourg All alone, thinking again while taking a scorching bath, […]


As a future bride, I have to focus my energy on my wedding plans, my life goals and my relationship. Make sure you take care of yourself before you take care of others, my fiancé tells me. He is right and that's why I started a healthy routine; meditation, exercice and eating right. 2017 is [...]


Hello cyber followers, Tonight i’m going out. Looking at my reflexion in the mirror, my long legs are shaking. The most popular photographer in the city wants me to be his date. He sent me tickets, Montréal- La Guardia, yesterday. He told me he would be waiting for me at the Ritz at 8 o’clock. […]


[mashshare] Christmas is coming soon and I'm sure you have started shopping for your loved ones! Here are a list of suggestions you can find online and skip the line at the stores. Techie, Hipster, Sportive, there is a gift for every man in your life!  For the Yuppie The traditional Briefcase Rudsak and Zara offer [...]


  Real talk.   A day in the life of a blogger.  Fun they said.   Wake up. Make yourself a coffee. The mousse of the first coffee wasn’t thick enough. Make another coffee and then take a picture with your latest buy. #flatlay #needtopostwhenmyfollowersareonline   Get dressed for a product presentation. But don’t forget you […]


Friday night lights in America Lovers’ night in Paris New York Jets are fighting for victory on the flat screen behind me. It’s a cold stormy night, the frosted bay window overlooks 5th avenue and the Pulitzer Fountain. This timeless hotel is overcrowded at this time of year. Our Plaza Suite is filled with sparkly […]


[mashshare] For the beauty freak, fashionista, Sephora-holic, youtube makeup tutorial lover Loubilaque, Louboutin’s lip lacquer; the ultimate gift for the Goal Digger. The clear bottle  is designed so you can even wear it as a pendant.  Bold. Sexy. Arresting, define this one of a kind lip lacquer. Pssst. Louboutin just laucnhed their new fragrance collection, [...]


[mashshare] #BLUNTNOFILTER Copper architectural design, concrete flooring and black & white accents distinguish the new store on the block; BLUNT coiffure. Imagined by international design award winner, Jean de Lessard, the space was inspired by cosmopolitain life with architectural elements that defy the laws of structure.  The two young entrepreneurs, Angela Lucia named 2015 Toni&Guy Colorist of [...]


Ma peine souille mon visage enfantin mon teint diaphane se mèle à l’exression figée qui colle à mes lèvres charnues ses yeux cherchent sans cesse mon âme dans les miens mes petites mains aggripent les draps car mon corps a peur de faire naufrage des milliers de petites feuilles ambrés tombent doucement le passé rattrape […]


[mashshare] So, the man of your dreams just proposed on one knee and offered you the most beautiful love gesture of all times. You are now a wife to be with all the responsibilities that comes with the title. My dear, it is not as easy as it might seem… Don’t panic. Take a deep [...]


[mashshare] #FALLFASHION If you live in Montreal, you’d know our fall is a tad bit different than the rest of the world. It literally translated into the dreadful “almost winter” but hey, can’t deny the fashion hub this city becomes every fall! Tis’ the season of greys, rusts, berrys and charcoals! If you’re anything like [...]


[mashshare] #browsonfleek We interviewed the Eyebrow Queen in Montreal to know more about this growing beauty trend; microblading. Sephora addict and new mommy, Vanessa tells us all about the secrets of microblading and her career. Drop your brow pencils and powder, microblading is taking over the beauty industry. Natural beauty and flawless eyebrows are on every [...]


[mashshare] #FOIEGWA Les visages de personnages célèbres accrochés aux murs dessinent un parfait tableau mariant l’élégance du bistro français et l’esprit du diner américain. J’y reconnais Alice Robi, Louis Hémon, Louis Riel, Jeanne Mance et plusieurs autres. À l’instant où je m’assois, une douce mélodie d’Aretha Franklin ajoute une touche rétro au décor moderne du restaurant [...]


#STAYCATION   It’s been a few weeks now that Summer has started! Some are coming back from their holidays, some are packing their staff and there are those who haven’t planned any vacation abroad… Don’t worry! That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the most beautiful part of the year! There are plenty of activities you […]


[mashshare] #FMD2016 Montréal, ville aux mille couleurs et aux inombrables saveurs. Qu'il s'agisse de gastronomie, de musique, d'expositions d'art urbain ou de célébrations culturelles, les limites ne comptent pas lorsqu'il s'agit de faire aller sa créativité ou de simplement laisser place à un brin de curiosité. Depuis maintenant 15 ans, le Festival de Mode et [...]


Trying to fight my emotions, to keep them underwater. Been lying to myself. I want to keep the pain away but blood keeps running down my cheeks. Cold hands are travelling all around my world. We are living in our own little bubble, afraid of grasping a breath of reality. Reality brings us down to [...]


[mashshare] CHOOSING THE RIGHT PAIR... OR TWO PAIRS! Everybody can wear sunglasses. Don't tell me ¨I don't look good with sunglasses¨. Big lie! You need to choose right; a pair that will suit you well. To know which sunglasses match you well, you need to focus on some important factors, such as the shape of [...]


[mashshare] #thesocialitenyc Name? My name is Sophia Rose aka The Socialite Age? I am now 17 years old and still growing! Where do you live? Well, to be honest, I live in a town called West New York and that is quite literally West of New York (the island of Manhattan). West New York is [...]


[mashshare] #LIFESTYLE Here are a few Instagram accounts that you absolutely need to ¨turn on post notifications¨ #algorithm. Youtubers, bloggers, influencers, they are the new trendsetters.  Warning: You might be tempted to run to Sephora to buy matte lipstick, to buy a plane ticket to the nearest beach or even to flat lay cute stuff [...]


[mashshare] #OOTD Chaque matin, je vais du tiroir au garde-robe en me disant; Je n'ai rien à mettre. Une phrase à laquelle je ne trouve pas souvent de solution. Voici des suggestions qui peuvent vous alléger la tâche le matin: Faire un grand ménage Placer les vêtements par teinte/couleur Acheter des pièces classiques Ma partie [...]


[mashshare] PROMO CODE: KATELALIC Bikini body. 2 words, 10 letters that are stressful for some of us. Let's be honest, we all want this bikini body but don't want to put so much effort into it or we tell ourselves that we don't have time... For some girls, the idea of training in a gym [...]


[mashshare] #10DAYSOFSMILES Emotions are contagious so when we smile, we affect the moods of others around us in a positive way, making them feel more connected to us. This is important because social connectedness is known to be the most important contributing factor to happiness and well- being. Smiling can also improve your self-confidence by [...]


[mashshare] Did you always wanted to take a look inside New york's most expensive penthouses, Dubai's most exotic mansions, or even Montreal's trendiest lofts ? This technology will take you to places you always dreamed of. A few weeks ago, I was on an Australian beach sunbathing. My secret for not getting a sunburn? Virtual [...]


[mashshare] Louis Vuitton Island It all started with a glance. Our eyes meet and it was the start of a long love story... Isn't it so simple to talk and write about love? Jane Austen, Shakespeare, What about feeling it? This is another story. Let's spread it like butter on toast (or like avocado on [...]


[mashshare] Valentine's day was last week and every couple celebrated their love; it's just a reminder for those who didn't see girls posting pictures of flowers and not-so-good-chocolate all over social media.  Even though Vday can also be a day you celebrate ¨love¨ with your friends and family, I think we need a celebration day [...]


[mashshare] Thank you Canadian winter for giving us a glowing face and hydrated skin. You all know I'm joking right? We have no choice; let's fight gloomy days with radiant foundation! After talking with a Pro makeup artist, I decided to give you her secrets (shhhhh...don't tell anyone where you got this glow!) to create [...]


[mashshare] #GoldenGlobes Last night, in Beverly Hills, the 73th Golden Globes took place. The best part of the show; the red carpet! Let's take a look at the best dressed celebrities.  For a more dramatic look, Zendaya wore a wine-colorer tiered Marchesa gown. The floral embellishment gave her an incredible feminine look. Her long wavy brown hair added [...]