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We are already LESS than one week away from the BIG day…  Action, action, action. There is no time for an introduction. Time is ticking! Here is my bridal beauty prep routine. I started a healthy food (eat your greens) + lemon&water routine a month ago. Gym, pilates and yoga were also added to my […]


Something I’ve been very much into as of late are bath bombs and essential oils. There is just so much variety, flavor and color. If I’m feeling moody and down, a nice hot bath with some Netflix does the trick. I’m pretty sure my friends from LUSH are absolute wizards. They create- quite literally, magic. […]


[mashshare] There are some things that you can never change. Like the cycle of actual life itself. Start, change and stop. Although you can change how you live that actual life. The things that make you smile, make you cry, laugh and scream. Life can sometimes knock us down; a loss, a breakup, a failure, [...]

#NYFW 2016

[mashshare] Some mornings, it's harder to wake up. Who wants to go shovel their car or hide their fresh new hair cut with a pompom tuque?  Sometimes it is easy, like for Valentine's Day or National Girlfriends Day (see our latest post about Girlfriends), but sometimes not sleeping much can happen for a couple of [...]


Exactly a week from today marked the first day of NYC Restaurant Week. It is starting on January 18th and going until February 5th. I know you might be thinking ‘but wait, that’s almost three weeks!’ Yes! It is three weeks! It is three whole weeks of fine dining, 3 course meals, lots of dessert [...]


[mashshare] Sometimes, people wear glasses. For various reasons, really. But sometimes people wear them for fun, like me. Unfortunately, I need them to see far away (I almost cried at the doctor’s office, almost). However, to my surprise this opened up a whole new side of fashion that I never entered before. The fashion of [...]


[mashshare] #TRAVEL      Today I woke up with a feeling to go travel somewhere. No just for vacation but to have a real adventure, somewhere foreign, somewhere I have no connection with. I have a dilemma. It is officially December, the month of red hats, lots of hot chocolate and presents. December is also [...]


[mashshare] #HOLIDAZE The holiday season is finally upon us! We still haven’t had our first snow fall this season but it is still lovely weather. Christmas is upon us soon and it’s time to eat lots of pie and sing lots of Christmas songs. Christmas in New York is one of the magical times, with [...]


[mashshare] There are a number of things that comprise my life – making me complete. There is actually an infinite number of things that I can’t survive without. However this is the Socialites Top 4 for the luxurious living. These are in no particular order as they are equally loved by me. Music Whenever I [...]


[mashshare] October is an outstanding month. This is the time for all the Libras and the Scorpios to really shine. It’s the month when Christopher Columbus finally landed onto the new land. October 4th was the day the Soviet Union launched the satellite into space. All of these things are fine and dandy but there [...]