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By Kate Lalic

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To romp;

1. to play or frolic in a lively or boisterous manner.

Some say it takes ages for woman to get ready for an outing. I think it’s perfectly normal to take some time to reorganize and take your time with getting out the door. After all, you can’t rush into perfection in a matter of a minute. Well, maybe you can. Jumpers and jumpsuits are an already paired outfit all ready for you to wear and accessorize with!

Rompers are lighter and more summer friendly versions of jumpsuits. They’re perfect for lazy days and they’re guaranteed to make you look chic no matter what. There are a few things you need to know before purchasing a romper or a jumpsuit. Let’s get to the basics.

Summer is the reminder of the opposite of winter chills and holidays. It’s about feeling warmth and freedom. A time to be alive, ambitious and fun. While wearing any type of clothing, it’s important to protect your body from the heat. Wear a fedora over your hair and use sun block (with a bit of tanner and moisturizer for sun kissed skin, of course). This way, you can let yourself wear rompers and jumpsuits with style and freedom.

Rompers can be potentially worn in any season of the year. Although it may be a bit cold in the winter to wear them, it’s possible. Jumpsuits can also be worn in all seasons. Although, a woman should be smart about not wearing a bright floral romper in the smack middle of December. It’s all about coordination and accessories. Don’t be afraid to buy a romper online, maybe a size bigger, it’s nicer when it flows and it’s not to tight. The rompers shown on the pictures are available on these online stores; American Apparel, Esther (Australia) or H&M.

Basic Black – If you are just getting into rompers or jumpsuits and you aren’t quite sure how the bold colors will look on you, it will not hurt to get the basic black. Just match some colorful shoes and a big clutch and everything will be ay-ok!

Floral – With a floral romper or jumpsuit it is a stylish way to celebrate summer. It is perfect if you want to look effortlessly cute and girly yet don’t want take most of the time mixing and matching shorts to the statement piece: flowers.

Statement – A statement romper or jumpsuit are the outfits that turn heads wherever you go. With bold colors and sometimes more skin showing, it’s the only romper you’ll need to look glamourous and sexy. Due to its bold colors or interesting cuts, it is perfect for the boardwalk on the beach or even a nice brunch with your friends at noon.

Lace – Who can go wrong with lace? Sometimes dressed can be too much. Don’t push it! You can always wear a lace romper instead and still be elegant and sophisticated. Lace rompers and perfect for adding a touch of subtle exquisiteness to your look. It’s also a great way to look feminine and dainty for the summer.

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