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By Kate Lalic

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There is such a thin line between love and hate.
I can feel blood running down my fingers, a murderer’s life. Am I ?
Guilty, they make me feel. Ashamed I should be.
If  “Shallow” was the name of the act, it would be easier for me to play the part.

It would help me forget, help me wash the pain away.

– Kate, the moon and stars are aligned, just for the two of us, to be together forever. I feel in love with you when our path crossed. Hand in hand, we started walking side by side. Sparks flying around us in our infinite sky.

I was alone before you came along.
I. Love. You. 3 words, 8 meaningless letters.
They are whispered too many times, spoiled in several mouths, filthy in others.
Lost in the echo of my own heartbeat.
I never loved. Now, I crave his body, his mind.
His soul is my soul, he sowed my broken parts.

Sinner is my body, pure is my soul.
People say hi to the enveloppe, they wave, they smile, they touch soft skin.
I pray, I feel, I cry, I help, I love skin deep.

Everyone thinks but not everybody knows.

Trapped, kidnapped by this curse of mine, I cannot escape from it, I cannot hide behind.
Tears are burning my lips, please set me free.
Let the world see what I see.

There will alway be a glass wall.
Why can’t they see my reflection?
All they see is perfection.

Luv Lalic.


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