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My name is Sophia Rose aka The Socialite


I am now 17 years old and still growing!

Where do you live?

Well, to be honest, I live in a town called West New York and that is quite literally West of New York (the island of Manhattan). West New York is in New Jersey, and I conveniently live across the river so I get a beautiful view from my house.

What field are you studying?

Right now, I am still in High School, but when I finish High School I would like to get into the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) or study the subject of Photography from International Center of Photography (ICP). Both school located in New York City.

 What’s the worst fashion faux pas you have seen?

Wearing a bra with a backless dress… not pretty. New York City never sleeps. Never. There is always something going on, a big party at a night club, a DJ underground, a circus concert, a Broadway show, you name it, it’s here. With all of these occasions, wearing dresses is the most acceptable, and even most appropriate thing for a night out. In the summer, there are all sorts of dresses to wear, and yes even backless dresses. But the killer of the look is wearing a plain visible bra, something that shouldn’t be there for the beauty of the whole outfit.

Favorite city?

My favorite city…hmm… well considering I live in New York City, it is pretty hard to not say that. But since that might be cheating, I will go with Quebec City, and Montreal, both in Canada. There is something about both of these cities that are different then anything else. In Quebec City, there is so much history behind it, it’s like you walk down the cobble street and feel like you are in the seventeen hundreds, the colorful houses and little shops make me feel joy and happiness. Maybe it was the change of environment from my city where the boys wore berets and the ladies played the cello on the side of the street, it still felt very real and I was utterly at joy. I call Quebec City as the Little France.

Montreal is also very pretty as there is a hint of everything there. There are certain qualities that are very similar to New York City, like little parks here and there, an underground subway system, lots of universities, and thousands upon thousands of restaurants to go to. The list of places and things to see is endless.



What is your passion?

Well, Fashion of course! Otherwise I wouldn’t be here! Another passion of mine is learning other great way on how to improve my life style and live a better and happier life though the art of fashion and lifestyle subjects.

Another passion of mine is food tasting, basically going around New York City one night and picking a restaurant and ordering ONE thing, then go onto the next and the next until you have had a full course meal and or feel satisfied with your dinner. This way, I have tried many great restaurant around the city and found beautiful ‘Gems’ as I call them. My father is actually a professional food critic, and so has taught me a bunch on the subject of real authentic food.

 What’s you’re beauty routine?

I don’t usually do anything that special actually. Of course, every day I wash my face with cleanser, and then apply some concealer on the areas that I want to conceal. I don’t like wearing any type of foundation, and usually end to skip it as my face get unnaturally cakey. I add some blush, some mascara for a dramatic effect of my brown eyes and head out the door.

I religiously get my nails done almost every week. I have my own manicurist from the salon called Nail Bella in NYC. Her name is Sunny and she is the sweetest and very good at what she does.

I recently came to the realization that my hair was damaged. It became very thick and heavy and became a drag to wear down in the summer. So I hopped out of the shower and instantly put my hair in a bun. A couple of months of this, my hair became damaged with split ends and was very dry. So one bright day I had a very strong urge to just chop it all off… so that’s what I did! I now rock the Ruby Rose hairstyle of the summer. To keep my hair happy and healthy now, I just take some coconut oil and smear some on the ends and wear a towel over it. After a couple of minutes, I take a shower and my hair thanks me for it!

What’s the best place to hang out in the city?

This all depends on what you are in the mood for and what time of day it is. If you have a free day or strolling around during the day, I suggest you head on over to the famous MOMA Museum or Museum of Modern Art. You can get lost in the art, but more realistically you can get lost within the art itself. If you are looking for the best lunch within the city ever, it is also at the MOMA museum, a restaurant known as The Modern.

Another great thing to do (and I’ve said this before) is to head over to 23rd street to Eataly. A fresh Italian style market and also restaurant. The way this is designed is you head over to the middle of the market and there you can choose from 4 different menus and whichever you choose you sit in the designated section. Surrounding the whole restaurant you are in view of basically the whole market.

To do something in the night time, can be tricky as you either have to spend ALL night there or pay a large sum of money for the night. For example, a ticket to see a Broadway show if a couple of hundred dollars, depending of the time bought and the seats. However, entry to a night club will not cost you a lot of money, but will cost you the whole night and a big hangover. Of course I have not experienced this myself, but I am a night dweller of the city and know all the tricks and the ins and outs of surviving in the city.



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