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By Kate Lalic

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Your passion?

I really love to travel, to discover new cultures and of course… fashion!

What's your beauty routine?

Hair: once a week, I do my hair mask. I mix an avocado with olive oil and one big spoon of honey. The avocado and the olive are very good for frizzy hair because they get dry very fast.  I wash my hair twice a week. Before washing my hair, I apply coconut oil in my hair and leave it for 2 hours before washing it. I do it to protect my hair because most shampoos contain sodium which dries the hair. My shampoo is the avocado based shampoo from Garnier. After washing my hair, I apply the avocado based conditionner from Garnier too or a keratine based conditionner. I leave it for 30 minutes instead of 7-10 minutes as written on the packaging because frizzy hair is drier than any other type of hair. After rinsing my hair, I apply a moisturizing cream for frizzy and curly hair. It seems complicated but it is always a pleasure to take care of yourself!

Face: squeeze the quarter of a lemon to get the juice of it, I mix it with 2 spoons of honey and a little spoon of sugar. I leave it on my face for 30 minutes then I rinse it.

Make up: I always use the satin liquid foundation from Maybelline which gives you a nice and silky complexion then I apply a bronze powder on my cheeks. Voilà!

Your favorite designer?

My favorite designers are Miuccia Prada and Ann Demeulemeester.

Favorite city?


Best place to hang out on a friday night in Liege?

Place du marché is a nice place to chill a friday night. There a couple of nice bars. The “Moment” is also a nice place to eat and chill. If you want to dance and have fun, I would advise you to go in the capital city or in Antwerp. They are bigger cities, you will find many night clubs in those cities.

Our blogger of the month: Sabrina Kaja Tshilele

23 years old, Liege (Belgium), I studied international trade.

Your favorite outfit? or piece in your wardrobe?

My current favorite pieces in my wardrobe are: my white boyfriend shirt (worn without jewels, a skinny jeans and slip on sneakers), my black knee ripped skinny jeans; my superstar supercolor sneakers; my round sunglasses and my side slit maxi dress.

What's the worst fashion faux pas you have seen?

The skinny jeans for boys who have big and muscular calf ???

Big girls, you are beautiful but flared calf length skirts are not made for you. Maxi dresses and maxi skirts are trendy and suit you well!

Luv Lalic


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