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Copper architectural design, concrete flooring and black & white accents distinguish the new store on the block; BLUNT coiffure.

Imagined by international design award winner, Jean de Lessard, the space was inspired by cosmopolitain life with architectural elements that defy the laws of structure.

 The two young entrepreneurs, Angela Lucia named 2015 Toni&Guy Colorist of the Year North America, and Jessica Ciccarello have created this new concept to reinvigorate the Montreal hair salon experience: 

#BluntNoFilter is about empowering self-expression, being unapologetic about who you are, what you believe and what you love. Griffintown is becoming a hub of young blood ready for new discoveries, personal growth and opportunity. There’s also a lot of young entrepreneurial spirit here and we wanted to embrace that because we identify with it so well. #BluntNoFilter is about staying true to yourself, not being afraid to push the boundaries and trying something different. That’s our spirit and it’s that of our customers.”

– Jessica Ciccarello

Angela, a sweet and oh so talented young artist/entrepreneur told us; I have one thing in common with my favorite designer Valentino, we both want to make women feel feminine and good about themselves. ¨I know what women want, they want to be beautiful¨ stated the designer of the iconic red gowns. The experienced hairdresser is known for her big & sexy hair and her flawless ¨balayage¨ techniques. Let me tell you, you don’t need an excuse to go out when she works her magic on your hair!

Her secret to fabulous Victoria secret hair; ¨not too much hairspray and the right blow dry technique. But first, the way we do the balayage is important, it’s a subtle ¨au naturel¨ color that gives the effortless I WOKE UP LIKE THIS look¨.

We all have 462 beauty products in the shower, but never really find THE one product that fits all our needs. #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEMS. I realized that you can’t ask a hairdresser what is her favorite product; she has too many! She particularly loves the Kevin Murphy line because it doesn’t add weight to the hair and it smells soooo good.

The two entrepreneurs wanted to create a ¨not snobby and cool vibe¨ at Blunt coiffure. Imagine, sipping drinks or coffee at the Color bar with your girlfriends, networking with other clients, making some new friends and getting your hair done at the same time? No, were are not in Manhattan and yes, Montréal is cool like that.

They started a social media movement with the #bluntnofilter hashtag. On social media, there is a lot of body shaming, filters and photoshop to reach this impossible perfection. As influencers in the beauty industry, they are trying to change the game and send a message to all girls: You are beautiful the way you are, don’t change it with a filter.  Blunt is about being sure of who you are — self-esteem is important if you want to reach new heights. You have the power to change things, we do believe in continuous improvement. ¨

 ¨Hair this good needs no filter¨.

¨The only trend I follow is the one that looks good on you.¨

Jessica, marketing guru, has a lot of future plans and collaborations in mind for this new beauty salon concept: pop up shops with emerging Montreal designers that fit our aesthetic and our philosophy, says the fashion savvy business woman.

Not only are they the master minds behind this breathtaking beauty parlor but they also are drop dead gorgeous outgoing girls who you want to hang out with at their Color bar! See you there! 

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