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By Kate Lalic

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2017 was the #FIT year. Toned legs, smooth skin and a healthy diet is in vogue. Oh yes and activewear. I wear yoga leggings & sneaks all day every day, let’s be honest it is the best fashion trend! There is one thing that doesn’t go away even if you exercice and drink lots of water… cellulite! and yes we all have some, even the skinny girls can accumulate unwanted fat that hides in your thighs and bum! Cellulite is the product of fat deposits just beneath the skin that result in a dimply, uneven appearance. It is often caused by toxins, diet, dehydration and UNFORTUNATELY genetics.

My bum and thighs are parts of my body that I don’t especially love… I wanted to feel more confident in my skin while being 100% all natural. You can have a surgery or enhancement for everything nowadays; lips, butt, breast, botox, etc. It is promoted all over social media…and it might not be the best solution or good example for the young generation . Let’s try to keep it simple; our imperfections are what makes us a masterpiece. If your imperfections tend to make you lack in confidence, there are some solutions before going under the knife.


Velashape II: safe technology without surgery; what it is all about

  • An infrared light that heats up skin tissue right down to the deep dermal layer;
  • Radiofrequency waves that heat up skin tissue right down to the hypodermal layer;
  • Two mechanical rollers that massage the area simultane
    ously to enhance the lymphatic drainage of liquid trapped in tissue;
  • Suction that dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow, increasing the effectiveness of other combined procedures.

The treatment helps tighten existing collagen, stimulates new collagen growth, improves blood circulation and dissolves fat tissue without eliminating it. Therefore, the skin becomes firmer and more contoured. Between sessions, exfoliate your skin in the shower with a coffee scrub and a loofah sponge.

Before we start – we’re not talking magic tea, special gummies, or any other #insta replacement! A highly concentrated formula designed to target the causes of stage 3 cellulite: compacted fat and water retention. Better drained and less fatty, skin is firmer. You still have to exercice weekly or daily, have a good diet, drink lots of water and have a good sleep routine. No more staying up all night if you want firm skin!


We are talking about a proven and safe, noninvasive method that will complement the 2017 healthy lifestyle. #TIGHT

I had 3 VelaShape sessions at Epiderma to help tone those stubborn areas (buttom and thighs) that refuse to cooperate even though I do exercice and squat!! The sessions are super quick, around 10 minutes per leg or area. Usually, it takes 10 sessions to see a big difference and to make disappear  in your results. On my end, I wanted to try the VelaShape and finish my treatment with Esthederm cream and serum. I use the cream and serum everyday to maintain and prevent unwanted bumps! I don’t have a before and after picture to show you guys.. to have great results you must book 10 appointments. If your budget doesn’t allow it, I suggest you use a cream-serum daily. I loved the treatment and also the Epiderma team, they are so professional and answered all my questions. They made me feel safe and  I trusted them with my ¨difficult¨area.

If you have questions or hesitations about the treatment, contact me by email! Don’t forget to take care of your body, it is your temple…


Luv Lalic.




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