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By Kate Lalic

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Definition; Shaming someone for their body type.

– Urban Dictionary

Since I’m 12 years old, I’ve been buying magazines; Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Allure, In Style, etc. My best friend and I used to beg our parents to get some pocket money to buy fashion magazines and of course pink lipgloss.

Selena Gomez, Amy Schumer, Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, Gigi Hadid  and many more have been attacked on social media about their bodies…

I remember having a girl crush on Paris Hilton. 

LV (my best friend) and I used to call each other Paris & Nicole. We were obsessed by these two socialites and their reality show.  I remember having a girl crush on Paris’ infinite abs and tiny waist. At that age, everything was growing; arms, legs, boobs, hair..! We were becoming teenagers and starting to feel the pressure to be ” beautiful”.  Like every little girl, we were two little ducks transforming into swans.

High school years weren’t so fun, but at least we had each other. You couldn’t be too skinny or too fat, you had to fit in and have cleavage so guys would notice you. Thank god high school is behind us. Our bodies changed over the years and maturity we gained. BUT… we were still looking at gorgeous models in our fashion magazines and we were still disliking parts of our bodies. Some of us have surgeries, work out, start dieting and buy waist trainers but some of us are still having insecurities after all these Band-Aid solutions…

Here’s my story,

Fashion has always been deep-seated in me. My mother gave me this love for fashion and a taste for luxurious things (which can be dangerous for the wallet). I’m not a very good seamstress or designer, so I decided to get into modelling. At the age of sixteen, I knocked on many  modelling agency doors but without success. I was so disappointed because this world that I loved so much was putting me aside because I was too fat. I was called “too big” for the industry, despite my size 34-24-36. It was a difficult time as a young teenager who was dreaming about Milan’s runways. Then, I turned to my first love: writing. The fashion world will be venerated through my words and seen through my eyes. Regardless of my measurements, I decided to change the face of fashion in my way by showing people that the stereotypical brainless model is a false image and that beauty do not lies in the width of my hips. Thus began the Kate Lalic blog, blending a girl’s dream and ambitions of the woman I have become.

At 24 year old, I’m still struggling every day with confidence issues.  

-Kate Lalic

Body shaming is a #social problem. Social media is the new “High School”. 

Do you know the saying;  you can’t judge a book by its cover ? Clearly, this quote doesn’t apply to men or even women. They do judge a girl by her body and it is not ok. We know men (in general) love curvy girls, but not too curvy either. In 2015, having the “perfect” body is impossible; big firm breast, small waist, Kim K’s bottom and long Victoria Secret legs.

Yes, I pointed out men quickly. Let’s face it, are we trying to obtain perfection to be pretty in men’s eyes or to have more CONFIDENCE? In my opinion, it’s a lot of both.  I do think that women are meaner between each other than men could ever be. Social media is the new “High School”. So, we never really grew up? Women are still comparing themselves with others without being satisfied of their body. I’m one of them. I know, some girls would like to have a slim figure like I do, but my lack of confidence is so present that I can’t stop comparing myself to other girls on Instagram. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

 Everybody has a different personality and body, who are we to judge what is beautiful or not? being alive and healthy is already a beautiful blessing. Why should we waste our time on Instagram looking at skinny girls and wishing to get one day her figure?

How can we stop social media body shaming?

I think I got the answer girls … Why don’t we try to love ourselves first, then support and work together to change the face of the “perfect” body trough media?

Let’s start today. Be Fashionable. Be Different. Be you.

Luv Lalic.

Kate Lalic


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