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By Kate Lalic

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Summer hit us with full force this June, blanketing the city with a dizzying haze of heat and humidity. I try and make the most of these months leaping straight from the bed into the closet for the first thing I see, to walk out the front door as soon as possible. Every dress, perfectly worn to fit, with the littlest consistency of clothing socially acceptable in the city of New York. While I love layers, it may not be the best choice to wear in the sultry late June. Instead I turn to my jewelry box, and hat collection to get the job done.

Chic and comfy are the rules for anything boho. Maxi dresses, hats, all sorts of colorful flower crowns, Birkenstock slides and long flowy hair. Styles like this can be worn to carnivals like Coachella or the local beach concerts. In my eyes, being boho means the ensemble of a perfect mess!

Do you love the ocean, animals, art, music harmony, optimism, charm and freedom? Get your boho on and wear the styles of a bohemian goddess to embody its principles.

Boho style is a girly and beautiful form of self-expression. Something we should all strongly believe in. The patterns, colors, fabrics, accessories and the hairstyles define this charming look are the tools for expression in the values and principles that you believe in. Being perfectly messy.

To really rock the boho style, you have to know the derivation of where it comes from. Here is a fast history lesson! Boho was popularized in mainstream fashion by supermodel Kate Moss back in the early 90’s, but dating back to the flower children of the 60’s. Originally, the word “Bohemian” comes from the land of Bohemia which is now the Czech Republic. It represents an ideology shared by people who longed for their freedom from the accepted rules and stereotypes that prevailed at the time. The original bohemians created very specific and unique style that still inspires free spirited people like you.

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