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By Kate Lalic

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I was lying under a high palm tree. This sandy paradise made me so nostalgic. I wish i would remember the time you drove me to the beach, i wish i could remember the day we went for a bike ride or a picnic or maybe a walk to the park…

Grey skies were coming towards me.

Maybe my bad mood affected my karma…this is what i deserve. A rainy day at the beach. Covering my head with my favorite author, i was wondering what my birthday would be like back in Montreal. LV would take me to this new Asian hip spot, Coco would invite me for brunch ( Moet and mango juice, the new Mimosa) and Cuddle King would maybe sweep me off my feet with a candle light dinner … Let’s stop daydreaming.

I’m sitting alone on his monogramed white towel facing the restless and troubled Caribbean.

My “By the Seaside” alarm doesn’t stop ringing. I stretch my arm out of bed to touch the snooze button. Still in a daze, i heard the thunderstorm and the wind throughout my oversized window. My conscience starts to come back to me, i slowly open my eyes and suddenly realize what day it is… I’m lying in a sea of white sheets and duck down pillows in M.White’s room.

It was all just a dream. On the other hand, i’m really snoozing in bed alone on my Birthday…in my Birthday suit. I get up quickly and put on his monogramed robe. The bay window overlooks the Griffintown area of Montreal, where parking is nonexistent and coffee is expensive. My alarm goes off again to remind me of my fresh new age. Getting older isn’t that bad they say… I say it is.

I’m keeping my eyes ajar because of yesterday’s clumpy mascara that i didn’t wipe off yet.

Through my eyelashes, i see a bunch of pink roses left on the marble bathroom vanity. Is it a present from him or simply a sweet though from the cleaning lady?

A small card was placed in front of my Dior perfume, a familiar hand writing said:

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been. ~Mark Twain

Happy Birthday young beauty,

See you tonight, W.

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