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By Kate Lalic

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There is no doubt in my mind that you haven’t woken up one day having the biggest urge to travel around the world. I know I have! Whether it’s to Dubai for the architecture, Tel Aviv for the beaches, Spain for the dancing or France for the love, I know for certain this happened to you. Summer is here and all you want to do is vacay, so here is how to fly with class and style, wreaking havoc.

For one thing, flying can be a pain for the skin. If you are trying to look decent for someone waiting for you on land, or just want to look good for a business meeting with the nearest beach, it’s better not to wear make up on board. The skin is already prone to dehydration at thirty-thousand feet in the air, wearing makeup can dry it even more. It’s a good idea to keep some cleansing wipes in case you can’t bring your whole night time routine on the plane. Make sure your face is squeaky clean upon boarding!

What would be a good idea is applying a thick coat of moisturizer as he skin tends to get very dry midair. It’s important to bring a small bottle with you anyway as it’s always the time for moisturizer. How can you tell your body is dehydrated? The lips become chapped! So bring your favorite lip balm, like Blistex!

Another way to keep hydrated is the oldest trick in the book: water! Learn to control your cravings and say no to coffee (I’m sorry babes), sodas, juices and alcohol. All of these things will make your skin even more dehydrated. Yes, I am not a doctor but drinking one liter of water on the plane is helpful and it works, from my personal experience.

Don’t forget your Evian Facial spray! Perfect for the beach also!

It’s best to do your make up 45 minutes before landing, using lots of natural looking concealer. No one wants to greet and meet a zombie, right? It’s not the greatest to go for the most dramatic look, as you just traveled for hours upon hours. Keep it light and natural, with a little bit of blush for color on your face, and some light eyeliner would do the trick.

Have the viewpoint for coming to greet a new country for the first time you would want to be looking your best!

Riding in the Grand Canal in Venice Italy, jumping off a Cliff in Santorini Greece or shopping on 5th Ave in New York City, there is just so much to see on this planet, you better just hurry.

Bon Voyage!

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