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If you are searching for a line of beauty products that are organic, natural and vegan certified, then you should take a look at the new mineral beauty lines. Mineral beauty and skin products are made from highly concentrated formulas which means you use far less and you get more for your money as opposed […]


2017 was the #FIT year. Toned legs, smooth skin and a healthy diet is in vogue. Oh yes and activewear. I wear yoga leggings & sneaks all day every day, let’s be honest it is the best fashion trend! There is one thing that doesn’t go away even if you exercice and drink lots of […]


La clinique Bella, située en plein cœur d’un quartier efferverscent de Montréal est inspiré par les grands spas d’hotels. Chic, lumineux et épuré, Bella Clinique se trouve sur la ¨main¨ de Griffintown; 1612 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest. C’est une équipe chaleureuse et vibrante qui m’accueille à la réception digne d’un tableau Pinterest ! Un salon de quartier pas […]


We are already LESS than one week away from the BIG day…  Action, action, action. There is no time for an introduction. Time is ticking! Here is my bridal beauty prep routine. I started a healthy food (eat your greens) + lemon&water routine a month ago. Gym, pilates and yoga were also added to my […]


Being ¨au naturel¨ is not only on the outside but on the inside also. I love being myself and I embrace it. I laugh so hard I definitely scare off the elephant in the room. Some people judge, so what? I am who I am and you are who you are, with all your flaws and [...]


[mashshare] #BLUNTNOFILTER Copper architectural design, concrete flooring and black & white accents distinguish the new store on the block; BLUNT coiffure. Imagined by international design award winner, Jean de Lessard, the space was inspired by cosmopolitain life with architectural elements that defy the laws of structure.  The two young entrepreneurs, Angela Lucia named 2015 Toni&Guy Colorist of [...]


Something I’ve been very much into as of late are bath bombs and essential oils. There is just so much variety, flavor and color. If I’m feeling moody and down, a nice hot bath with some Netflix does the trick. I’m pretty sure my friends from LUSH are absolute wizards. They create- quite literally, magic. […]


[mashshare] #browsonfleek We interviewed the Eyebrow Queen in Montreal to know more about this growing beauty trend; microblading. Sephora addict and new mommy, Vanessa tells us all about the secrets of microblading and her career. Drop your brow pencils and powder, microblading is taking over the beauty industry. Natural beauty and flawless eyebrows are on every [...]


[mashshare] Is there anything you can’t do? Believe me when I say that you can be your very own beautician at home in just a few easy steps. Learn how to make natural products the best assets to your beauty regimen! Olive Oil Known as liquid gold, olive oil is the one ingredient that will [...]


[mashshare] #10DAYSOFSMILES Emotions are contagious so when we smile, we affect the moods of others around us in a positive way, making them feel more connected to us. This is important because social connectedness is known to be the most important contributing factor to happiness and well- being. Smiling can also improve your self-confidence by [...]


[mashshare] PARFUMEUR D'ATTITUDES La réception bourdonne de gens moroses. Les lattés s’entrechoquent et les Chanel sont exposés aux bras des dames abordant de riches pelisses. Un classique d’Edith Piaf résonne dans le hall pour chasser le ciel sombre et la chaussée humide qui nous attend dans les rues de Paris. Je m’assois sur les fauteuils [...]


[mashshare] Sometimes, people wear glasses. For various reasons, really. But sometimes people wear them for fun, like me. Unfortunately, I need them to see far away (I almost cried at the doctor’s office, almost). However, to my surprise this opened up a whole new side of fashion that I never entered before. The fashion of [...]


[mashshare] Thank you Canadian winter for giving us a glowing face and hydrated skin. You all know I'm joking right? We have no choice; let's fight gloomy days with radiant foundation! After talking with a Pro makeup artist, I decided to give you her secrets (shhhhh...don't tell anyone where you got this glow!) to create [...]


[mashshare] Avez-vous écouté le défilé de Victoria's Secret ? Leur teint lumineux, leur maquillage doux et doré, leurs cheveux ¨je reviens de la plage¨, leurs jambes interminables... et oui nous étions tous en extase devant nos écrans! Pour ma part, j'étais en pyjama , mangeais du chocolat sans remords et magasinais en ligne de la [...]


[mashshare] WHICH BEAUTY BOX SHOULD YOU CHOOSE? You don't have ideas for your bestie's christmas gift or sister's? I got the perfect idea. Beauty boxes monthly subscription. Yes, some of these goodies boxes now deliver in Canada and we love it ! Subscribe for a month, six months or a year and receive beauty samples [...]


[mashshare] Definition; Shaming someone for their body type. - Urban Dictionary Since I'm 12 years old, I've been buying magazines; Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Allure, In Style, etc. My best friend and I used to beg our parents to get some pocket money to buy fashion magazines and of course pink lipgloss. Selena Gomez, Amy Schumer, [...]


[mashshare] #MONAT What do you wish for while blowing out your candles on your birthday cake?  good grades, perfect boyfriend, lots of money and shiny hair. Shiny hair, yes long shiny and healthy hair ! Its not a secret anymore, you can have perfect Victoria Secret's hair by adding a product to your beauty routine; [...]


[mashshare] #BRONZEYE Grand retour dans les défilés, la mise en valeur des yeux par le bronze. Je l’avoue, je me suis permis d’inventer le nom « Bronzeye », qui définit parfaitement l’idée. En plus de se marier parfaitement à tous les teints ainsi qu’à toutes les couleurs d’yeux et de cheveux, cette tendance se fond [...]


[mashshare] #VELVETLIPCREAM Last week, at Toronto's Eaton Center, H&M lauched their new beauty line. Aren't you excited to hear that? I was. So, I sit down to eat a piece of cake, when a little 10 year old girl walks up to me and says: You look like a girl from Paris. Thank you H&M. [...]


[masshare] #BROWNLIPS Brown Lipstick is coming back. It has always been second to the hotter more popular pink and red colors. What many women do not know is that brown is extremely flexible and can take you to any place you like. A deep rich chocolate brown works with any complexion and is far superior [...]


There is no doubt in my mind that you haven’t woken up one day having the biggest urge to travel around the world. I know I have! Whether it’s to Dubai for the architecture, Tel Aviv for the beaches, Spain for the dancing or France for the love, I know for certain this happened to [...]


Totes I'll be clear, it's only summer love. J. CREW Find many styles on POLYVORE.COM Even pre-owned designer bags! You are on my bucket list. BANANA REPUBLIC ESSENTIALS Tote essentials: Michael Kors After Sun lip balm (shimmerrrrrr)  30$ Evian facial spray ( perfect for the plane!) 15$ Clarins After Sun Shimmer Oil ( shimmer again) [...]


Makeup & Beauty  is also a form of art. It involves a lot of creative ideas that amalgamates thoughts in the form of patterns, shape, designs, color combinations and what not. While men may mock ‚ writing it off as a weird fetish in women. This is exactly what may turn your guy on! All [...]


Every time I went over to my grandmother’s house she would have this scent. A scent of classic 1960s smell from Russia. It’s hard to explain it now, but I remember very distinctly that it is a smell of a woman. She would put on a red lipstick, Chanel in fact, and would spritz some [...]


Maintaining a perfect skin and tender soft lips involves quality research and selection of the best brands in the market. It is a process that involves careful consideration on the best sunscreen lotions and balms solar lips as well as familiarizing yourself with their use. There are those specifically designed for the summer and this [...]


Reigning above all others past and present as our favorite fashion muse, Audrey Hepburn embodied grace, elegance, and class. Her timeless style was her signature, and even in an age where glamour was glamour, she stood out from the rest. Audrey's first secret is no big secret: BLACK BLACK BLACK. Slimming and ever on point, black is always [...]


If  a fashion magazine journalist asks me whats my essential makeup product, I would say: My Blistex. Summer is around the corner and we can't wait! The clock goes tick tock, the days go by fast, getting warmer, stickier and longer. It’s time to ditch the late nigh ice cream binges for something a bit [...]


Spring 2015  is here and so we'll be embarking on a much anticipated summer!! Every year hairstyles are known to change like the seasons do and this spring and summer are no different. We're seeing lots of fashionable up dos, colored bobs, ponytails and the new and trending Sombre. If you're a fashionista like myself [...]


#GRANNYHAIR What is this #GrannyHair that is flooding social media? Well, apparently young women are no longer frightened by grey hairs; in fact, they're embracing this new trend rather quickly. The days of middle-aged women gathering at their local beauty salon to disguise their grey hair with a more natural looking dye seems to be [...]