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« Dans l’Égée tempétueux, dans le sein de Thétys, (…) et née dedans, avec un air charmant et joyeux, une damoiselle plus qu’humaine de visage, par des Zéphyrs lascifs poussée vers le rivage, aller sur un coquillage, et il semble que le ciel en jouisse, (…) On aurait pu jurer que de l’onde jaillissait la déesse, […]


Juillet apporte un vent de chaleur, et ce n’est pas moi qui vais m’en plaindre, après le long hiver qu’on a connu… Enfin, le temps des robes, des jupes et des sandales est arrivé! Mais, du lundi au vendredi, le travail demande de rester conservatrices dans nos choix vestimentaires. Alors, je vous propose cinq tenues […]


Subject no 1 : Wedding Dress shopping.   AHHH, isn’t so exciting? For me; shopping for a birthday dress can sometimes take weeks. It took months of Pinterest time, google search, sample sales and ¨I want to try the most expensive one¨ to finally find my dress. It was a long process and it wasn’t so […]


19SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe #FALLFASHION If you live in Montreal, you’d know our fall is a tad bit different than the rest of the world. It literally translated into the dreadful “almost winter” but hey, can’t deny the fashion hub this city becomes every fall! Tis’ the season of greys, rusts, berrys and charcoals! If you’re anything like [...]


3SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe #FMD2016 Montréal, ville aux mille couleurs et aux inombrables saveurs. Qu'il s'agisse de gastronomie, de musique, d'expositions d'art urbain ou de célébrations culturelles, les limites ne comptent pas lorsqu'il s'agit de faire aller sa créativité ou de simplement laisser place à un brin de curiosité. Depuis maintenant 15 ans, le Festival de Mode et [...]


18SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe CHOOSING THE RIGHT PAIR... OR TWO PAIRS! Everybody can wear sunglasses. Don't tell me ¨I don't look good with sunglasses¨. Big lie! You need to choose right; a pair that will suit you well. To know which sunglasses match you well, you need to focus on some important factors, such as the shape of [...]


5SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe Pour toutes les femmes qui sont en processus de création d’une petite vie humaine, dans leur bas-ventre, je vous propose quelques trucs fashion pour passer au travers les neuf mois. J’en suis, au moment de rédiger cet article, à ma 41e semaine de grossesse. Pour les non-initiés, cela veut dire que j’aurais dû accueillir [...]


4SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe #OOTD Chaque matin, je vais du tiroir au garde-robe en me disant; Je n'ai rien à mettre. Une phrase à laquelle je ne trouve pas souvent de solution. Voici des suggestions qui peuvent vous alléger la tâche le matin: Faire un grand ménage Placer les vêtements par teinte/couleur Acheter des pièces classiques Ma partie [...]

#NYFW 2016

4SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe Some mornings, it's harder to wake up. Who wants to go shovel their car or hide their fresh new hair cut with a pompom tuque?  Sometimes it is easy, like for Valentine's Day or National Girlfriends Day (see our latest post about Girlfriends), but sometimes not sleeping much can happen for a couple of [...]


7SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe #NYFW2016 THIS IS IT! It's Finally Here ! It's Now The Perfect Time To Channel Your Inner-Fashionista By Finding The Best Ideas To Enliven Your Closet, Inspired By The Upcoming Collections Of New York Fashion Week 2016! Can You Think Of Anything More Exciting Than Reuniting The Best Designers For One Of The Most Foreseen Fashion [...]


8SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe #PANTONE2016 Les températures montent, le printemps approche pas à pas ? Quelle bonne blague! Par contre, nos magasins favoris commencent à mettre en vitrine les nouvelles collections printanières. N'est-ce pas difficile de résister à la tentation? Nouvelle saison, nouvelles tendances. L'équipe Kate Lalic vous tient au courant des fashion trends en vous présentant les couleurs PANTONE [...]


10SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe Sometimes, people wear glasses. For various reasons, really. But sometimes people wear them for fun, like me. Unfortunately, I need them to see far away (I almost cried at the doctor’s office, almost). However, to my surprise this opened up a whole new side of fashion that I never entered before. The fashion of [...]


9SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe #GoldenGlobes Last night, in Beverly Hills, the 73th Golden Globes took place. The best part of the show; the red carpet! Let's take a look at the best dressed celebrities.  For a more dramatic look, Zendaya wore a wine-colorer tiered Marchesa gown. The floral embellishment gave her an incredible feminine look. Her long wavy brown hair added [...]


142SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe #TRIMBYTASHA As she walked in the coffee shop, I noticed her fur pom-pom tuque. Real or faux ? Didn't matter, it looked perfect on her. I was about to meet a young and oh so sweet woman and entrepreneur. Sparkly eyes and charming smile, Tasha is a young entrepreneur who decided to transform her [...]


56SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe #unelongueurdavance Chaque matin, je n'arrive pas à me décider; aller au gym ou ne pas aller au gym ? Souvent, avec le temps froid, ma réponse vient facilement et je remets la couette par-dessus ma tête !  Hier matin, je n'avais pas le choix. L'invitation au lancement de la nouvelle boutique Sportium était une [...]


Go Over the Knee or go home Forget everything about your calf boots. Thigh high boots are so trendy this season! And we love it! You can wear it with a dress, a skirt, pants, anything you want to wear is possible this winter with these warm stylish boots. It’s truly versatile, you can wear [...]


43SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe #BALMAINHM Balmain for H&M collection a must have for Fashionistas!  Balmain for H&M collection a must have for Fashionistas. If you are a forward thinking Fashionista, the new collection that featuring a rare collaboration between two top designers will totally catch your eyes, for their 2015 fall collection so far. This collection will be [...]


11SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe #BRONZEYE Grand retour dans les défilés, la mise en valeur des yeux par le bronze. Je l’avoue, je me suis permis d’inventer le nom « Bronzeye », qui définit parfaitement l’idée. En plus de se marier parfaitement à tous les teints ainsi qu’à toutes les couleurs d’yeux et de cheveux, cette tendance se fond [...]


8SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe #VELVETLIPCREAM Last week, at Toronto's Eaton Center, H&M lauched their new beauty line. Aren't you excited to hear that? I was. So, I sit down to eat a piece of cake, when a little 10 year old girl walks up to me and says: You look like a girl from Paris. Thank you H&M. [...]


54SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe #HYBA Are you looking for nice activewear that makes you look good at the gym ? Either you're going to your yoga class with girlfriends on a sunday morning or going to the store for a quick shopping session after the gym, (it's better than spinning let me tell you) YOU can rock your HYBA activewear [...]


9SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe #PFS Paris Fashion Week  La mode est une forme d’art par laquelle l’expression de soi circule. C’est pourquoi je n’arrive pas toujours à apprécier l’art dans l’art, car la créativité parfois loufoque dont font preuve à un moment ou un autre les designers ne permet pas à tout coup de m’y identifier. Mes goûts [...]


21SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe Autumn is up ! The hot sun is starting to say goodbye and the sweaters are out! At least, we can enjoy some PSL (pumpkin spice lattes) and nice afternoon walk with our lover. But for us, fashionistas, this is just a new occasion in the year to go shopping. We 'need' our latest fashionable [...]


Simple et Chic. J’étais dans un endroit où le temps flâne, mais ne s’écoule pas. Où il ne veut pas céder sa place au lendemain. Où l’on peut entendre le songe de Sophia Loren qui dépeint ses conquêtes au fond de la cave à vin. Où les teintes d’ambre, l’haleine de whisky et les regards [...]


11SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe In New York there are two very important weeks throughout the summer. Yes, there is Independence day, Labor Day and even Thanksgiving where people take off weekends. However, there are only two weeks where there is a weeklong celebration. Two weeks that bring humanity and the race together as one. That is Christmas and [...]


#BACKTOSCHOOL Back to school? Let's talk about it! Every year, the time comes where kids head back to school in hopes of having the best new looks. So what are the best new looks this season? The answer to that is simple! To start off, socks and heels. Although the look is not necessarily new, [...]


#LOUISVUITTON If you are an avid traveller and like to keep yourself up to speed with all the time zones wherever you go, Louis Vuitton brings to you the perfect watch to do just that! The Escale World Time Watch by Louis Vuitton is a limited edition, one of a kind watch that is carefully [...]


After seeing all these music festival pictures on my social media feed, I couldn't stop dreaming about the three F's: fringe, floral and fuchsia. Fringe for my favorite bag of the summer, floral for my newest printed flowy dress and fuchsia for the store of the moment: HR2 Holt Renfrew is a chain of high-end [...]


Your passion? I really love to travel, to discover new cultures and of course... fashion! What's your beauty routine? Hair: once a week, I do my hair mask. I mix an avocado with olive oil and one big spoon of honey. The avocado and the olive are very good for frizzy hair because they get [...]


To romp; 1. to play or frolic in a lively or boisterous manner. Some say it takes ages for woman to get ready for an outing. I think it’s perfectly normal to take some time to reorganize and take your time with getting out the door. After all, you can’t rush into perfection in a [...]


Plusieurs souvenirs de Paris me reviennent en tête. J'ai découvert cette boutique purement parisienne, car elle a accroché mon regard lors d'une promenade pluvieuse sur chaussées de la ville. L'étroite boutique débordait de produits haut de gamme à faire tourner les têtes. Les tons de crème et de dragée se mêlaient au décor vintage de [...]