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  I needed a break from all this fashion frenzy. Anna Sui’s romantic bohemian spirit makes me want to go buy a flowy dress. Never mind, i’ll stick to my Balmain’s check jacket. Snow is insisting to stay a little bit longer, even though Spring/Summer trends have arrived in every store on Fifth Avenue. I’m […]


Hello cyber followers, Tonight i’m going out. Looking at my reflexion in the mirror, my long legs are shaking. The most popular photographer in the city wants me to be his date. He sent me tickets, Montréal- La Guardia, yesterday. He told me he would be waiting for me at the Ritz at 8 o’clock. […]


Friday night lights in America Lovers’ night in Paris New York Jets are fighting for victory on the flat screen behind me. It’s a cold stormy night, the frosted bay window overlooks 5th avenue and the Pulitzer Fountain. This timeless hotel is overcrowded at this time of year. Our Plaza Suite is filled with sparkly […]


6SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe #HOLIDAZE The holiday season is finally upon us! We still haven’t had our first snow fall this season but it is still lovely weather. Christmas is upon us soon and it’s time to eat lots of pie and sing lots of Christmas songs. Christmas in New York is one of the magical times, with [...]


14SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe There are a number of things that comprise my life – making me complete. There is actually an infinite number of things that I can’t survive without. However this is the Socialites Top 4 for the luxurious living. These are in no particular order as they are equally loved by me. Music Whenever I [...]


7SHARESFacebookTwitterSubscribe October is an outstanding month. This is the time for all the Libras and the Scorpios to really shine. It’s the month when Christopher Columbus finally landed onto the new land. October 4th was the day the Soviet Union launched the satellite into space. All of these things are fine and dandy but there [...]


It is impossible to be in New York City and not try to eat everything. It is also impossible to never stumble into a hidden gem. You know, ones that are hard to find yet incredibly irresistible. Let’s explore New York through food, shall we? “Where are we going for dinner?” is probably the most [...]


The Plaza hotel Do you have a dream of ever being in a historic and highly praised hotel? The Plaza Hotel in the New York is such a place everyone would wish to stay and spend leisure or a holiday. The hotel has held a special place in hearts of many people from all parts [...]


Le terminal est bondé, Trudeau en serait fier. À perte de vue, je vois mallettes et cafés. La visibilité est nulle, les grandes vitres sont blanchies par la tempête qui rugit à l'extérieur. Le rideau de neige nous laisse seulement voir notre propre réflexion à travers les vitres. J'y tourne le dos et fais semblant [...]


Bergdof Goodman’s window display is the one thing that can cheer me up on this chilly day . Holiday season has officially started (oh and shopping too). I stand still in front of the well-knowned new yorker store. Yesterday night was the holiday windows reveal. Everyone in Manhattan was here to get a look behind the majestic curtains. Inspired by fine arts and multiple materials, each window reveal a major art form; literature, architecture, film, painting, music, dance, sculpture and theater.


La saison chaude revient finalement. Je me souviens de tous ces étés que nous passâmes sur la terrasse du toit. Nous incarnions des personnages de films français. Ma première cigarette partagée étouffant sous le soleil couchant. Les domestiques astiquent les cottages de fond en comble en attendant les invités qui viendront célébrer le premier weekend [...]