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Writer, blogger (and pet lover!) Kate Lalic is Romy + Jacob’s muse for their Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Lalic is the famous author of Kate Lalic tales ( and a pet aficionado. She shares her time between her New York flat and Montreal home. Chief Designer and Managing Partner of Romy + Jacob, Lina Asselien, wanted to bring the famous pet products line into the gift industry. To date, the line is available in 600 stores.

For me, it’s an organic partnership. I have been a dog lover since i’m a child and a avid animal activist. Collaborating with a company who believes in keeping work local ties in with my core values. 

– Lalic

We are grateful to have Kate work with us this year- it’s been a blessing. 

– R &J, Canada



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Always a classic, Kate Lalic reminds us of the old Hollywood Starlets. Her sense of style and love for literature transports us in her dreamy world. A spokesperson, a model, an entrepreneur, a kids and pets lover, an event planner, Kate Lalic is a role model for all the future artsy and dreamy entrepreneur out there… Education and french literature bachelor in hand, she is aiming for success.

Before writing, posting or posing for the cameras, research has to be done. Kate and the team are always ahead in the fashion world and keeping their readers up to date with the new releases, color schemes, pieces, arrivals, designers, restaurants, hotels, etc.

On the other hand, Kate, herself, researches about authors, novels, historic places and cities to give the reader a text full of knowledge and soul.

Literature; writings in which expression and form, in connection with ideas of permanent and universal interest, are characteristic or essential features, as poetry, novels, history, biography, and essays.

Literature is at the essence of our writing. Every word is chosen and every topic is researched.

Writer, photographer, MUA, stylist, assistant, thank you to every member of the team for the launch of our new blog .

Kate Lalic

Editor in Chief

EIC of the Kate Lalic Blog and Brands. Passionate about traveling, fashion and posh lifestyle. The writer of the upcoming book Kate Lalic Tales.

The Socialite


The socialite, writer of the Fashion & Lifestyle Section: Everywhere she goes, she brings paper & pen. If there is a new place to be seen in town, our socialite has already been.


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