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By Kate Lalic

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Spring is the best season to push the reset button on your wardrobe. As the black cloths get put on the back burner, the pastels and light shirts come out to play. The Ugg boots are replaced by the flats and the heavy jeans are replaced with culottes. Culottes are a must have for this season and is already becoming the trendiest in the closet for Fall 2015.

You will look Mozzafiato!

A presto!

Pace, Amare, Moda,  Lalic.

 Alice + Olivia Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

This season’s trendiest pants are made of light, luxe fabrics that look killer with a crop top and some stilettos. If you have an avid obsession for the legendary Victoria Beckham, you would know that she pulled off an amazing outfit for the Winter New York Fashion Week. Do you remember the pants she wore? Yes, those are culottes.

Culottes are garments that look and hang like skirts but are actually pants. They have first became popular during the reign of Henry III of France in the 1500s. They later became convenient for ladies in the Victorian Era as they looked like skirts but were in fact pants.

They were popular in NYFW and are now become a tricky challenge for all women to beat. The objective: to pair the culotte in proportion to the other half of the outfit and colors. Women are actually succeeding now and are making it their new obsession.

Culottes were showcased during NYFW from designers from Tibi, Jil Sander and Hermes. They were all made from different colors, textures and lengths. Jaws dropped and cameras shuttered as culottes were made the next big thing.

It is important to also know how to wear culottes. They are long and even, so they can cut off your leg at an awkward spot making you seem shorter then what you really are. In order to prevent this, you should wear and monochromatic outfit which helps to create a long, lean line, making you appear taller! Culottes and any type of heel go together like peanut butter and jelly. I recommend stilettoes as there also give the illusion of a taller looking body.

Throw under a white button down shirt and throw on a vest or a leather jacket with a pair of culottes and some heels and voila, you are office ready.

Throw on a crop top and a high waisted culotte and some heels with a matching handbag and go out to brunch with your friends.

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