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By Kate Lalic

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Many girls complain about the fact that they won’t wear dresses because of their body! This is totally impossible, dresses are the symbol of femininity. The only thing you need to do is to identify what type of body you have and choose the matching dress. If you are looking for stylish dresses this summer, make your choice depending on the occasion. You don’t always have to be polished head to toe, I personally love wearing a cute dress on a bad hair day (or on a hangover morning…!). My favorite piece is not a dress… but can be worn like one; the romper. 

If you are staying in or having a casual get-together, choose the romper. Cameron Diaz wears a black romper  to accentuate her bronzed legs.  She looks good on the red carpet or even on a casual evening at home. The romper will also keep you cool during hot summer days without worrying about your bum sticking to patio chairs!! Pair the romper with a belt or scarf when you leave the house for a coffee! 

For the girls with Queen B curves, I would advise you to choose a two-piece gear. A midi skirt or pencil skirt with a large statement t-shirt. A dark color for the top part to make it look tinnier. Accessorize this outfit with wedges and a  small & fun clutch !

Fashion tip:

  • Don’t forget your sunglasses

For the girls who have larger shoulders and a tiny waist and hips, choose a 60’s dress to maximize your hips. You can wear it in an old-fashion way, with an open toe shoe or in a modernized way, with white sneakers. 

Finally, the dress that will suit all type of girls is the maxi dress. Short or tall, skinny or round, the maxi is a no brainer this summer.  The maxi dress is the most versatile, and it works well as a cool evening gown. Paired with a glamorous necklace, Kristen Bell makes a maxi look beautiful on the red carpet. A strapless maxi dress is perfect for a romantic summer date. A shirt dress is a good choice for those looking to be a little daring on a night out. 

Now, there is no excuse for you to not wear a dress! I want to see your beautiful legs this summer, girls! We are all ready for your Instagram pictures! 

Let’s welcome Kaja, our Belgian fashionista. She traveled all around the world and studied in foreign trading in Belgium. Her colourful personality makes her the perfect contributor and writer for our Fashion & Lifestyle Section!

For the tall and tiny girls, your 2015 summer dress would be the rectangular dress such as the baseball t-shirt dress. Lucky you, you can pull of this cool summer trend. Your assets are your tall legs and that dress is perfect to put them in evidence. Sexy and stylish, the shirt dress “I slept at my boyfriend’s house and stole a white shirt”  is an eye-catcher when paired with ankle boots and a jean or leather jacket. I love Kat Graham’s (Vampire Diaries) edgy look. 

How to wear that boyish dress?

If you don’t want to make any “fashion faux pas”, just choose the most common color: black, white or grey. Put on a colorful pair of sneakers or nice black sandals. Avoid shoulders bag, choose a classical hand bag, and put on a cap or do a loose low bun or a high one. The last touch: red lipstick. It’s always nice with black and white clothes.

My favorite day & night dress

Zara Basic sleeveless dress

19.90 CAD



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