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By Kate Lalic

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Black leather coat

Pale eyes are haunting my fucked up mind

Cherishing the exhilarating passion who is held only by a fragile string

Love me softly, gently

I’m trying to fight my emotions, to keep them underwater

I’ve been lying to myself; I beg the pain to go away

Blood is running down my cheeks

Cold hands are travelling all around my world

Living in our own little bubble, afraid of grasping a breath of reality

I’m falling deeper and deeper because nothing taste as good as your lips

Laying on the ground, I have nowhere else to go.

You teached me to be proud

Now, I can barely walk straight without you

I didn’t need the pain following me in my meaningless dreams

Closing, opening my eyes…

I just always feel the same. Empty

Falling apart for the second time

I hate this felling that takes who’s taking over my sanity

A man made me insane, another discovered my wound

Memories are left behind

Crawling behind the wall I’m rebuilding

Maybe the next one will crush what’s left of me.

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