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If you are an avid traveller and like to keep yourself up to speed with all the time zones wherever you go, Louis Vuitton brings to you the perfect watch to do just that! The Escale World Time Watch by Louis Vuitton is a limited edition, one of a kind watch that is carefully designed to cover all 24 time zones of the world at once.

The stunning time piece is set upon a white gold case 44 mm in diameter and 9.75 mm deep that showcases to perfection the uniquely vibrant hand painted 38 colour dial. Inspired by vintage Louis Vuitton luggage, this ultimate fashion accessory stylishly displays the initials of different cities in the world around the first of three discs. The second disc denotes hours and the third shows minutes. The black alligator skin strap gives an ideally comfortable feel and flawless fitting and the press of a button allows the user to easily adjust the time.

The watch, which arguably may be Louis Vuitton’s most breathtakingly impressive product to date, takes 50 laborious hours to craft and comes packed with a 38 hour power reserve. Only 50 pieces have been made and are expected to be shortly sold out. Priced at $65,700, the gadget is costly, yet totally worth the extravagant price.

Resembling more an art masterpiece than a typical travel watch, Louis Vuitton has absolutely nailed the utter uniqueness of the dial making the limited edition Escale World Time Watch a must get fall fashion accessory for all travelling men around the globe.

With a unique and colorful identity inspired by the Maison’s trunks, this distinctive timepiece features a new 24-time-zone movement developed in-house at La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton. Simple and reliable, the precious calibre is enclosed within an elegant, ultra-thin case

Louis Vuitton

The Escale World Time Watch features a striking yellow arrowhead pointing towards 12 o clock which is skilfully painted on the underside of a sapphire crystal. This amazing watch has the remarkable feature that allows the crown to always point towards the time in your hometown. So no matter in what corner of the world you have travelled to, this fall fashion accessory will always serve to remind you of home.

Escape Time Zone Watch


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