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By Kate Lalic

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For many people, Easter is the first holiday of the year for celebrating spring in all of its glory. It’s a time of new life, vibrance, and freshness, and those are exactly the elements you should be incorporating into your wardrobe for this bright, happy holiday. Pastels and whites are a classic, go-to look for trending fashionistas to depict the light, bubbly mood of Easter. Pastels are naturally low in saturation, giving off a soft, feminine vibe. It couldn’t be easier to rock this look! Mix and match your light pastel clothes with some bright white accessories, pair it with a radiant smile, and you’ll be on par with spring in your fresh look.

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Elie Saab soft blue outfit backstage SS’15


Oscar de la Renta Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear


Dsquared2 Spring 2015 at Milan fashion week


Whether you’re going for a pretty in pink, lovely lilac, vibrant violet, youthful yellow, or any other alliterative look, match its brightness with a nice white belt or hat. Add any sparkling silver or white gold jewelry to round out your outfit. Make your old white dress pop with a pastel blazer. Lace and frills are also a classic if you’re looking to spice up your texture. If you’re feeling extra creative, try to blend some floral patterns in with your pastels. But remember not to overdue it, the point of the pastel and white outfit is to be simultaneously adorable and light chic without being overbearing.

Also take note that, even though pastels are a little feminine, they don’t only have to be for girls. Ever since the 1980’s when men’s fashion daringly brought them out of the off-limits unmanly shadows, pastels have let boys get in touch with their softer side. It’s absolutely charming to see a man’s Easter suit with a gentle pastel jacket. Regardless of gender, pastels complimented by white accessories are going to be hot this spring holiday season  or even a micro bag?

Fendi’s Peekaboo bag named Bag of the year by Vogue.

Fendi Micro Peekaboo bag The new IT bag
Silvia is an innovator and likes to experiment, although now it is with the Peekaboo, 2Jours and Selleria bags, rather than clubs and parties from her days as the queen of the Italian social scene. When it comes to her own style she is more restrained, wearing a palette of black, white and gray, and her signature white shirts made by the company that supplies the Vatican. “It’s ‘clerical chic’,” she says. “

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