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By Kate Lalic

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Last week, I went on a first date. Yes, a real first date. It all started with a cool diner at a small place downtown. Burgers, fries and a chocolate milkshake.

James Bay was singing for us in the car, windows down and messy bun…

We ended up taking a romantic stroll to a belvedere overlooking the city lights. The orange sun was fading down, slowly replaced by a navy blue sky.

Then, it happened. The undefined first kiss, our lips touched, our souls meet…


Let’s rewind a little bit; 24 hours before.

What am I going to wear? That is the question, Shakespeare.

For most of us, getting dressed for a first or second date is second nature. A clean shirt, a non-wrinkly dress, a pair of nice shoes. But does it really matter what you wear on the first date? It’s the personality that matters, right? Now of course, personality counts but what you wear on your first date says a lot. So let’s explore what you can wear for your next first date!

It is important to show up looking groomed and clean for the date. Reapply the nail polish or scrub your lips again (Bite Beauty Lip Scrub is best) or do whatever you need to make yourself look like you tried…a little bit!

As far as makeup goes, it is best to keep it as natural as possible. I recommend the ‘no make up look.’ It’s a very warm and natural look that seems like you don’t have any make up on! But you do… Just apply the correct shade of foundation, a little blush – not too much, and mascara for long lashes. Also what works too is putting some black eyeliner (Urban Decay) under your lash line for fuller lashes. It’s a good idea to give your potential lover the real you.


Zara heels (essential)

Mango long knitted cardigan

Dressing for the occasion is what should lead to picking out the outfit. Universally guys seem to not care what you wear. They don’t have preference as too what his date needs to wear, or the color of her dress, or the length of her heels. They love anything a woman would wear as long as long as she puts effort and thought into it and wears it with a purpose.

Wearing a nice dress or some nice upscale jeans and a bright shirt are acceptable things for a first date. It’s really the feeling that the woman made an effort to impress. Ever heard of ‘Dress to Impress’ phrase? Yes, this phrase applies here. So find a little black dress, grab a colorful clutch and go get your first date kiss!

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