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By Kate Lalic

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’’ D’une jeune fille très fraîche, elle est devenue la femme la plus belle que j’ai jamais vue. La gamine charmante mais sans grand intérêt à mes yeux, s’est muée en un femme sublime dans sa gestuelle, sa morphologie, l’élégance et sa démarche’’.

– Serge Gainsbourg

All alone, thinking again while taking a scorching bath, I won’t let the words fall out.

I cry myself to sleep at night when I think about the future… I might never be part of yours. By my side every step of the way, you weren’t.

Your face reminds me of my face. It might be the reason why mom’s heart throb everytime she glances at me…

It can’t be too late, right?

Sinking below the surface, my pride was smothered…

I have to see him again. Speak, translate, express, forget, convey…

The next day, on my way to the studio, I notice Mr. White’s expensive white car cruising down the street. Why is he here? I rush inside the studio opening the broad glass door.

I felt like i was sixteen all over again. My heart is racing, why am I hiding? and really from who? … myself ?


to be continued.

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