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As she walked in the coffee shop, I noticed her fur pom-pom tuque. Real or faux ? Didn’t matter, it looked perfect on her. I was about to meet a young and oh so sweet woman and entrepreneur. Sparkly eyes and charming smile, Tasha is a young entrepreneur who decided to transform her passion (and hobby) to a fashion business.

She started knitting a while ago. As a little girl, she used to help her Grandma sow and knit and she loved it. This young woman has an artistic background; sowing classes, arts & crafts, fashion, etc.

Tasha discovered that her artistic hobby was a form of meditation and it slowly turned into a passion. With her head full of ideas, she decided to buy a sowing machine. She self-taught herself by making clothes for her boyfriend and watching tutorials videos. Isn’t he so lucky? This beauty & brains had a vision.

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 TRIM. A new fashion line that is defined by it’s ¨made by hand ¨ motto. A local brand that will definitely stay local, she said. Even if we expand, every piece will still be made by hand locally.

 Her sister helped her brainstorm to find the catchy name; Trim. Discrete, timeless and classy are the words she used to describe her clothing line. Yes, she won’t only hold knitted pom-pom toques in the line… She has more patterns and ideas up her sleeve.

 The famous pom-pom is made out of real recycled fur. The fur comes from old and outdated coats that are cut and sowed into pom-poms ! Isn’t a genius idea? It’s eco-friendly and perfect for our cold winters.

 Can’t wait to see the rest of the collection! We’ll have to wait for Spring/Summer 2016 ladies for more adorable ¨made by hand ¨knitted pieces… !

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Pictures by: Rémy Chercuitte
Styling by : Kate Lalic
Pompom tuques : TRIM by tasha

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