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By Kate Lalic

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Valentine’s day was last week and every couple celebrated their love; it’s just a reminder for those who didn’t see girls posting pictures of flowers and not-so-good-chocolate all over social media. 

Even though Vday can also be a day you celebrate ¨love¨ with your friends and family, I think we need a celebration day to honor the GIRLFRIENDS day. Yes, your GIRL-FRIENDS. Sisterhood is not only between you and your siblings, but also with your ¨sister from another mother¨ or partner in crime should I say? Your best friends. Sisterhood day should be celebrated like Valentine’s day. Maybe we could give each other Sephora’s gift cards instead of chocolate and roses? LOVE IT!

The dictionary definition of sisterhood: 

the close relationship among women based on shared experiences, concerns, etc.

                        : a community or society of women; especially : a community of nuns

Community of nuns? We are far from that, aren’t we? Shhh…

Your best friend knows how to keep a secret, she knows that you bought those incredible shoes at a cheap store but she won’t tell a soul when you get compliments at an event.

Your best friend doesn’t need to speak, you understand her non verbal. You know when she has an evil plan in mind or when she smiles but cries inside…

My girlfriends are the reason why I stand up with my head up high. They give you confidence just before a first date and they text you right after to know if the guy is a keeper. If he is, ok. If he’s not, please tell me everything weird about him and let’s have a laugh. For any man reading this, yes we love to talk about boys and no your secret is not safe.


Take a minute today, to tell her or them how important they are. They are an important piece in your puzzle life. Adulthood is not so easy, but you will go throught thick and thin together. Take a minute to call her (don’t text) and say Thank you.

Thank you for being there even when I don’t know you are by my side, even when I’m too preoccupied with my boyfriend or my new job. Even when I don’t realize that your advice is really the one I should listen to! Because, in the end, you’re kind of always right…

Thank you for making me cry of laughter when you remind me how crazy we were last night. Yes, she has to remind you because you don’t remember what happened after midnight. And where did I leave my shoes again?

Whether she is a Miranda, a Carrie, a Samantha, a Cher, a Dionne, a Serena, a Blair, a Paris or Nicole, she is your best friend. You will always love & cherish her just the way she is.



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