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It could be bold choices adorned at the red carpet at the Academy Awards or the hottest trends Hollywood sports on an average day down the Rodeo Drive, the haute couture has found it’s rampant glory in the newest trends hitting the H town this spring/summer and are soon to become a global phenomenon. It could be the return of the bob haircut, a Marilyn Monroe favorite now being sported by the ever so graceful Jennifer Lawrence or the traditional crew cut, it could be the return of the denim shirt look from the early 80’s to the peplum hitting the block again, the fashion world is ablaze and it all started in Hollywood, LA.

The Hottest Accessories

With the focus returning back on how you take the edge off your wardrobe with the accessories, hot trends seem to be emerging, being made popular by the new hit list of spring/summer collection launch by Versace and Hermes. With the new range of eye wear for both women and men and a traditional Hermes scarf returning in new patterns and solid colors, the accessory boot of every woman’s car is well packed. Also, solid block neckpieces from stores such as Zara, Dash and Mango, with charm bracelets and bold husky ear cuffs by Accessorize seem to be doing the rounds, with the ladies queuing up to grab the hottest ones!

Designer of the month

From the likes of Chanel, Versace, Bvlgari, Armani etc. greatness has been expected and seen when it comes to the high end formal wardrobe choices made by the elite. In a less traditional and a more obvious approach, the one collection which stands out and is being deemed as possessing every possible article a fashion enthusiast should own is that of Dior. Known usually for their classy and sophisticated outlook on the formal attire, Dior has presented a new summer theme based collection, replete with summer and sun dresses, shades and accessories which speak volumes about the fashion change the house is about to bring to the world.


Apart from the hottest stuff to own and the hottest fashion house to add to your collection, the hot trends that have been emerging are being considered to be something of an inspiration from the retro. With David Bekham being spotted in a floral 3/4th brief, to Kate Blanchett taking it to a more subtle look of denim inspired wardrobe, Hollywood seems to be toning down a notch and settling in with the not so frivolous. Kim Kardashians new blonde look, Anne Hathaway and Rihanna’s balloon top phase, Kerry Washington’s mermaid maxi and Robin Wright’s tux inspired formal dresses have been making the rounds of the fashion network, inspiring people and collections as well.

When it comes to fashion, there is no such thing as consistency. Fashion and trends keep changing and all that needs to be done is to keep up with these changing dynamics. It could be from a cat eye to a round framed sunglass or from a brunette to a sun kissed hair color shade, fashion inspires and all you need to do is, let it sink in!

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