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October is an outstanding month.

This is the time for all the Libras and the Scorpios to really shine. It’s the month when Christopher Columbus finally landed onto the new land. October 4th was the day the Soviet Union launched the satellite into space. All of these things are fine and dandy but there is a lot more to October then we think.

October also happens to be the National Cookie Month AND the National Pizza Month and that is pretty dang awesome. It is also the time that we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall by cleaning out our closets. It is the time where we phase from iced coffee to hot coffee, like drinking the traditional Pumpkin Spice Latte and hot chocolate. It is the perfect time to bring out the red lipstick and leggings to match.

October definitely has a characteristic in New York City, as well as everywhere else. There comes a certain day, that is celebrated by most. It’s the day of trickery and treats. Yes, Halloween. There is only one city to really experience Halloween – and that’s New York. That is the time when creativity creeps up and gets shared by everyone. It’s the time of not caring how cold your fingers and toes are but still busting out half naked from that door. Only to come watch and experience the liveliest time of October. The Halloween parade is a parade consisting of 3 hours of endless walking (or watching) the creative minds of others. For there is so much to see, 3 hours standing in the cold does no harm.

Within the month of October (and the end of September, actually) people decorate their front lawns and make them scary. People head to the pumpkin patch to later carve scary faces. It is in this time that something else goes on- which most people don’t realize. As the days of October quickly go by, the faster it is to the holiday season. The holiday season where families share their time together, bringing unity of all within the city. That is what everyone actually looks forward to in the month of October.

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