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By Kate Lalic

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My Cup of Tea

He’s not my cup of tea, an english saying that says it all! In England, the term is often used to say politely to your girlfriend that her man is a loser. It’s commonly used to say that someone is a pain in the … culo! Oh well, more tea vicar?

On a more positive note, people or things with which one felt an affinity began to be called ‘My cup of tea’ in the 1930s.

I have a Coup de Coeur, as the French say, for the Royal Albert Collection. It’s trendy but still classical.

Every piece of the Miranda Kerr’s collection is on my Xmas list!

On this snowy Black Friday,

What’s your favorite cup of tea?

Shop Miranda Kerr’s Royal Albert teacup collection. You will feel like part of the english royal family.

She’s bringing catwalk glamour to afternoon tea!

Miranda perfectly embodies the essence and nature of the Royal Albert brand, bringing catwalk glamour to afternoon tea.
Royal Albert

Pottery Barn New York T-Cup

Indigo's Cup of Tea

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Josh White and Jasmine Tea.. this is all you need.
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