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 is also a form of art. It involves a lot of creative ideas that amalgamates thoughts in the form of patterns, shape, designs, color combinations and what not. While men may mock ‚ writing it off as a weird fetish in women. This is exactly what may turn your guy on! All sorts of makeup are there from tips to toes. You name it and you’ll get it. But the latest forms of makeup art are eye makeup and nail art. Nails can be a real head turner if adorned properly. There is a specific amount of technique that has to be invested in it to make it look professional.

 Top  summer colors by ESSIE

Salt water happy


Peach Side babe

Our Nail artist and expert, Andrea says;

The top summer colours are powder blues and peachy beiges.  Adopt a new nail shape this summer; the large Coffin. It’s so pretty on both short and long nails.  Have a chat with our nail designers before choosing  a color & shape!

Time keeps changing and so with does the nail trend. Variations are available in the form of difference in color and pattern and in the way it is applied. Every season, the look which is in vogue changes; and so with it invariably changes the trend too. As the winters arrive, people generally go for steely colors but as soon as the summers start to set in Marble nail art set in, lots of bright colors also come into play.

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About shapes, flat nails with square edges have always been favorites. A lot of people have personal opinion and likings regarding curvaceous edges. The flat shape wins straight out as an all-time favorite. Marble patterns made through water play are in this season. The close to psychedelic effect that one gets through this kind of a technique compliments a peppy personality or contrasts with serious day to day. The color used in marble nail art adds a hint of spunk to the image and makes you stand out. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. reds with blues, greens with purples, whites with aqua marines, oranges and pinks are some of the few combinations that are new this season. Color play in terms of fading in the shade or fading out is out of fashion now. Apart from the color make sure your nails are properly trimmed and well-conditioned. When it comes to attire make sure you never wear too many colors with marble nails. That’s the kind of mistake that fashion novices do! Flash Tattoos are good accessories with attire but when you are going that way do not team them up with a lot of jewellery or colorful accessories. That’s too much for the cute viewer’s eyes. Just keep the style aesthetic and easy on the eyes. Don’t overdo it.

You can always make a great entrance with a beautiful smile… it is your best accessory!



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