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By Kate Lalic

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The city who never sleeps.

March 2014.

I have this feeling about tonight. I’m going out with her, again. I had no choice. Her golden complexion and her olive eyes made me come to New York City. Why is Manhattan so balanced when pleasure and work are the city’s main attractions? The well known island consumes this fuel of sins.

I am marauding the Meatpacking district trying to find this damn address. Tonight is the opening of a hip art gallery filled with faded copies of Basquiat’s masterpieces.

I’m meeting her for drinks at the historical Jane Hotel where Titanic’s survivors were invited to stay after the tragedy. Memories, cries and love are still floating in every bedroom of this vintage but quite trendy hotel. I’m pretty sure she chose to meet me here because of its mournful but also joyful stories hidden behind every wooden door.

Suddenly I feel paralyzed, I am a boy trapped in a man’s body. I am a star player without a team. I am a king, without a kingdom. Who said rational minded people are not artists?Look at Da Vinci, The Renaissance man. I consider myself cut from the same cloth but in the digital era. Able to juggle between two spheres of society. The underworld, where I get my inspiration and Bergdorf Goodman where my private collection is being held. Few understand where i’m going even I forgot sometimes. I go in these deep thinking phases and only come out when I regurgitate it into whatever medium i can find. Nothing has changed since i was a little boy. My grandma knew I was up to something when I broke all my brother’s old toys to make new tools with the rest of the working components. Behaviour like this as a kid alienated me from women for quite some period of time. Let’s say I was pretty damn mature when I had my first encounter. Now woman, I see them differently.  I Would say they are my weakness and my strength but they don’t know that. You cannot be too sensitive because the will take advantage of it. You have to have something marginal about you or else, what makes you different? Over times, I broken down relationships into a system. I had no choice, since I wasn’t in the path of finding THE  match with the lifestyle I designed. If you follow my system they say, intriguing things could happen… No wonder why they call me the CUDDLE KING.

Arriving at destination, i can already smell her Dior fragrance through the snobbish crowd. She is personified by the charm and youthful essence that she brings into a room full of dull people. She tends to act like a maniac, but she blinds every man with her sensual facade. Nobody knows who she really is, she hides her dark side behind the floral notes that lingers around her long neck.  A nicely dressed Maître D’ scratches my name off the list.

.            To be honest with you, I’d rather be cocooning in bed with her soft bronze legs.


Sometimes a man rather have affection than midnight action.

Cuddle King.

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