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By Kate Lalic

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The tank suit is the swimwear extravangaza, put away your polka dot bikini ( ok not so far!). Either nude or “over the top“ colorful, the one piece swimsuit is all about showing your curves (in a flattering way) and creating an edgy look at the beach,

 If you don’t want to mess your tan lines I suggest you wear it before you get to bronzed, maybe the first days of your vacay and then switch to a bikini to get your tummy under the sun, because we all know that we are going to wear a lot of crop tops this summer!

Swim suits are a major part of the fashion industry. After all, that is what you would wear to the beach of your neighbor’s pool party. Swim suits come in different shapes and sizes as well as colors and fabrics. But what it started out with was a one piece swim suit. Actually the first swim suit was a full gown in the 18th century. Moving forward to 1909, a woman by the name of Annette Kellerman was arrested for wearing the first ever loose one piece. At the time it was still unacceptable to be showing parts of the body like this. Although just a year later the loose one piece swimsuit was accepted among society.

Private party One piece swimwear

Fast forward to the 1970’s for the Sexual Revolution. The Sexual Revolution would forever change swimwear. By the mid-seventies bikini tops were not much more then bras. The 1970’s also introduced the one piece, but this time extremely high cut to reveal the hips.

But think about it, what better way to show your curvaceous hips then the high cut swimsuit. That is why this swimsuit is the it of the summer. Curves will always be in, and I can’t find a better way to flaunt them on the beach. Think back to the 70’s summer exercise programs…with the latex tights and latex sports wear. But don’t worry, this piece looks much better on the beach.

MOSCHINO towel print swimsuit

I’m sitting on the beach, Rays on, sipping on gin and juice, laying underneath the palm trees. I can almost see the curve of the planet on the horizon of the Indian ocean ahead even though I know it is utterly impossible… The electric beat sways my head side to side as I enjoy the view. My Nike baseball cap (a classic) covers my face from the sun and just above my chest. Looking down I can see the curve of my hips wrapped around in a Moschino one piece suit. And I just woke up from a nice dream…

Agent Provocateur

Beach Bunny

Monokini, Bikini, Tankini, we all want a tiny bikini anyways!

Featured One pieces

Minimale animal (nude)

Beach bunny

Mink pink (nude with prints)


Agent Provocateur

Private Party (bae-watch)

You will find a lot of nice bathing suits on revolve clothing. com

Some of the best ones I’ve seen are from Victoria Secret (naturally) and American Apparel (of course). Nasty Gal as well as Saks Fifth Ave has great one piece swim suits. Need some inspiration? Just check out the new Nicki Minaj featuring Queen B (Beyoncé) in the Feeling Myself music video, where sexual revolution is at its PEAK!

After this video, you will understand why you need to go to the shop and buy a couple pairs for yourself! 

I'm feeling myself video swag

GIVENCHY Pervert T-shirt

OFF- WHITE print shorts

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