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There are some things that you can never change. Like the cycle of actual life itself. Start, change and stop. Although you can change how you live that actual life. The things that make you smile, make you cry, laugh and scream.

Life can sometimes knock us down; a loss, a breakup, a failure, etc. You can however change it, the way you want to change it. There are little things that you should know and do to make your life a pleasure living – even though sometimes you might think it’s impossible to see situations positively…

  1. Eat that last piece of cake! – come on! Don’t limit yourself, if you want it, you eat it. Make food a pleasure, but don’t forget: your body is your temple. You can always go to the gym after eating cake.

2. Keep your media positive – this one I relate to personally. I had a couple of ‘friends’ that would post horrifying things, particularly on Facebook. It was just awful. So I unfriended them all. I liked and followed all the positive accounts and people I know and love. It made a whole lot of difference for me. As I am still aware of the suffering of the world around me, I take time to research about great foundations and donate a small amount each month to one of them: make a difference and stop complaining.

3. Wake up earlier – it’s also good for your body. For a long time I would go to bed earlier and wake up MUCH later than I needed too. I overslept all the time, not because I actually needed extra sleep or wasn’t sleeping, but because when I overslept, I felt so groggy and tired and I slept even more. Then I would wake up and have to rush to do my things. Instead, wake up early and do your daily routine with ease. It will make all the difference, trust me.

4. Rearrange your room – this is particularly a cool thing to do. Even if you can’t rearrange your room, clean it up! And keep it clean. It means; no more clothes on your nice makeup vanity. Cleaning your room is a way of relaxing for some of us, you might even find some treasures in shoe boxes… Buy some candles, set up a jewelry table, a makeup organizer, etc. There are endless possibilities for a DIY in your room. Even setting up a mini fridge to keep snacks or wine? Why not!


5. Call your mother– this afternoon, I got a call from my grandmother. It was a sweet phone call but I could hear her desperate cries for me to keep her in my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I think about my family everyday. I don’t see her that often, although I should, for some reason speaking to her made me even more happier. Family will always be supportive and give you great advice, even if you think your mom or grandma is wrong…well, she’s right. Don’t forget; nothing makes her prouder than her grandchildren.

Find some things that makes you happy. Even for a moment, this happiness radiates all around. Especially now, when there is terror, famine and war, it is still important to have a positive outlook on life. Remember what you have and remember how lucky you are to have someone around who loves you.

When we will all learn to trust each other, only then will there be peace on earth.

The Socialite


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