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By Kate Lalic

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I always wanted a big brother to steal his cool rock bands t-shirts and baggy joggings. Fortunately, it didn’t happen because it’s so much better to have a little sister ! I’m in my after-holiday daze and i think i caught winter blues… I might just book a flight to L.A. to avoid illness, cough, cough…

2015 just started and i can’t get out of bed!

I have some tips for you if you’re feeling the same way: Shopping CAN help you !

Zara’s comfy but stylish baggy jogging pants are a key element in my winter wardrobe. Let me be clear when i say joggings, don’t even think about your old grey college football jogs that lies around in your room. No, i’m talking about nice joggings that you can even wear to work (well, it really depends on your job position or boss!).

Here’s a few examples from Zara. We see a lot of loose trousers in their winter and spring collection. Comfort First!

You can pair them with a classic pair of pointed toe pumps or coloured New Balance sneaks.

You could add a bright yellow Marc Jacobs Jackson round crossbody bag, if it fits your budget!!


Luv Lalic.

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