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By Kate Lalic

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The Plaza hotel

Do you have a dream of ever being in a historic and highly praised hotel? The Plaza Hotel in the New York is such a place everyone would wish to stay and spend leisure or a holiday. The hotel has held a special place in hearts of many people from all parts of the world. Indeed, this is a place you would wish to live.

Founded in 1907, The Plaza has lived to be one of the America’s most celebrated hotels. It is located in the fifth avenue and Central Park South, the most beautiful, luxurious and fashionable place of residence in the New York City. For many years, The Hotel has served as a place of choice for King, Presidents, Celebrities and ambassadors.

In 1920’s it was visited regularly by F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald and their companions of art and literature. It is the Hotel known for the popular history of Eloise, whose mystic has increased over the last 50 years. The Plaza has also appeared in many movies and has provided a location for motion pictures. Book a suite and live as a Fitzgerald for a day or two…

Champagne & oysters please?

Luv Lalic.

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