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Sometimes, people wear glasses. For various reasons, really. But sometimes people wear them for fun, like me. Unfortunately, I need them to see far away (I almost cried at the doctor’s office, almost). However, to my surprise this opened up a whole new side of fashion that I never entered before. The fashion of EYEWEAR. When I first started to wear them, they freaked me out a bit but I had small dilemma with my makeup. It just didn’t look right anymore. So like the curious girl I am, I went to Sephora and tested out many, many products for my new look. Here are some tips and tricks on choosing and wearing makeup with glasses.

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Sometimes glasses can cast a shadow on your face. This make it even harder to hide the fact that you have been studying all night and had one hour of sleep (I know, I understand). If you already suffer from darker under eye circles, glasses may emphasize this feature. Investing in some under eye concealer would be a good idea. You must make sure to choose a non-creasing concealer, since any creases will be highlighted and emphasized by those glasses. Right now, my favorite brand is the NudeStix face concealer, which blends very well with the warmth of my fingers and stays on all day!

For the eyes, when you skip applying the eyeliner and mascara and go bare, your eyes can sometimes get lost in the glasses. As much as it is tempting to not wear eye make up with glasses, it doesn’t really matter what is applied. As a good rule of thumb, if you wear thicker frames, go for a thicker cat eye. If you wear thinner frames, apply a light thin line. This just brings even more dimension into your face and beautifies it even more. Stay away from looks that are too smokey and dark as glasses already cast a shadow under your eyes. Remember, the basic idea is to bring light into your eyes and emphasize on them more so then the makeup.

Okay, I am a firm believer in taking my sweet time in filling in the eye brows! Brows frame the shape of your face, it’s just a natural law. When wearing glasses, brows are even more important. Since glasses draw more attention to your eyes and brows, it is important to keep them groomed. Then going in with an eye brow pencil or shadow to fill any open spots and such. This makes it easier to keep them looking natural while adding some definition and balance to your eyes.

Give me a kiss! With wearing glasses with bold frames, I can definitely rock a bold lip. I don’t tend to wear gloss, just a preference. I usually gravitate towards pigmented matte lips crayons or cream sticks. When I am brave, I wear a thick bold lip, the Kylie Jenner kind. Skipping the eyeliner for this look, I apply a heavy coat of mascara and a pinch of blush and I am out the door. This way, a bold look doesn’t overwhelm other people with too much going on the face.

So, wearing glasses doesn’t seem very hard or scary. In fact, wearing glasses is a fun and easy way to make any fashion statement. If you are a girl with glasses, you can understand the difficulty of finding the totally right makeup for your face.

But always remember, glasses or not, makeup or not, you are still beautiful.

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