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By Kate Lalic

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Men are always the first pick, men are always the answer to a woman’s broken heart, men are known for inventing fire and creating new technologies.

Men are kings, politicians and soldiers.


A baby boy is such a precious gift to the Chinese families and traditions. Why aren’t girls?


Everyone knows men rule the wolrd. They are captains, pilots, CEOS, brokers.


Everyone doesn’t know that men are weak and unpowerful without a mother.

The opposite sex is the key to their success.

They want women to be perfect when they always forget to compliment them.

They want women to stand by their sides when they have the sent of another on their neck.


They desire an unattainable paroxysm of fame, money and power.

They are warriors at heart .They could kill for their mecca and loose their soul.

Their Egos control their minds.

Deep down inside, they know how small they are. How fragile they can be. So what is a man anyway… If they always stay a child at heart ? But when it all comes down to Wall Street they play the part? …

Men will never be men. One day, maybe one of them will.

When they discover the dark secrets of a woman’s love.

We see men as partners, lovers, first and last, one and only.


Movies aren’t reality… Hollywood doesn’t tell us that every love story was written by a lonely girl who hopes that one day ONE men will become a MEN.

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