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We interviewed the Eyebrow Queen in Montreal to know more about this growing beauty trend; microblading. Sephora addict and new mommy, Vanessa tells us all about the secrets of microblading and her career. Drop your brow pencils and powder, microblading is taking over the beauty industry. Natural beauty and flawless eyebrows are on every catwalk and magazine; get a ¨I woke up like this ¨look without lying to your girlfriends; microblading is the secret.

Describe yourself in a few words, what is your background ?

I am a passionate beauty lover ! I’m a licensed Cosmetologist in Montreal.I follow make-up trends like if it was a religion, when I heard about Microblading arriving in Canada, I wanted to be part of this new trend. I see beauty in every women I meet and my job is to enhance that beauty. I use to work in the finance world, and started doing Microblading as a sideline. My business expanded so quickly that it became a full time job. I have followed a professional training in Microblading and I perfected my art with seminars. I also have my diploma as a fully qualified semi-permanent artist. I want my clients to walk through my door and to obtain a full beauty transformation. My clients are so important to me that I want to offer the most professional  and friendly service!

As a microblading queen in Montreal, do you have an inspiration or another professionnal that you look up to in your domain?

I admire and love the work of many artists. I use to word artist because Microblading is truly an art! I love the work of Tina Davies a Toronto based professional! I also follow these instagram for inspiration: sheilabellapermanentmakeup, sibinabrowart, dollistic and Sofia Ghasab who you can follow with faceinstuttgart. When I started my training it looked much easier than it truly is. It was a learning curve but now I am extremely proud and happy with my work. Because it is a difficult technique, I have respect for most successful aesthetician.  I admire all artist that follow their dream and do what they love.

Where does Microblading comes from?

It is a growing trend. Tattooing your eyebrows has been around for several years, but is still a foreign concept for plenty of women, especially in the United States and Canada. I heard it started in Asia and then made its way from Europe to middle East and finally to North America. We are actually the last ones to welcome this unparalleled artistry.

How did you hear about microblading? and why did you want to get certified to do On fleek  eyebrows?

As I was scrolling through instagram,  I saw a post on Microblading and thought to myself I have to do this! I thought the results were astonishing as they looked so natural. It appealed to me because I know good brows structure our face and are the most important feature. I knew it was gonna be big! So, I took the class as soon as I heard about it and made sure to be in the first to be certified in my area.

What kind of ink do you use? is it like a tattoo ink ?

I only use high quality pigments. In semi-permanent makeup we don’t use ink like tattoos. We use natural pigments. I use high end pigment to offer   color stability over time (no red eyebrows), fewer touchups required, less pigment required per application and a range of colors for all different skin types. My pigments are developed cosmetic color pigments intended for a worldwide clientele demanding the highest standards. The products are custom made and scientifically top notch with an emphasis on safety, quality. Over the years our research and development with laboratory testing, led to an exceptional line of reliable, safe cosmetic pigments approved by Health Canada.

Does it hurt?

There is some discomfort associated with the procedure. A topical anesthetic is used to numb the area. People say the sensation is similar to getting their eyebrow threaded. When I ask my clients they usually tell me in terms of pain its about a 2/10 and at the end of the procedure you get more sensitive because the skin is constantly rubbed and the numbing is wearing off so they tell me a 4/10.

What are the steps of the procedure  during the session? 

Microblading is a two step treatment, consisting of an initial procedure and then a touch up four to six weeks after. I usually go through the steps of the procedure and the after care with my clients before we start. After I’ll take your before picture, and apply a numbing creme to ensure comfort. After your skin is numb, I will shape your eyebrows and decide on the color. I will then verify with my client to make sure she is satisfied before we start. Shortly after that, I will start Microblading. At the end I deposit pigment on your skin for 10 mins and then take the final result picture

What does the after care consists of?

During healing, it is primordial to follow the after care instruction. We say the result depends 50% on the technician and 50% on the after care. You are advised to keep the skin clean and dry so no swimming, sweating or water. Because it is on the surface of the skin, it needs to heal before getting wet, or else it will fade prematurely. It’s important to stay away from the sun and apply a healing creme. It’s normal to experience some pigment loss; this is why we have the touch up in place. The process is considered to be complete 4 weeks after the first touch up.

How long does it lasts? is there some specific maintenance or do’s and don’t after your microblading appointment?

After the healing, you treat your new brows as your own. I would recommend putting some sun screen on your 3D brows to prevent fading from the sun. Results will last 12-18 months depending on skin type and care. After the client needs to come for yearly touch ups.

As a young entrepreneur,  in the beauty industry, how do you stand out in your domain?

I invest continuously in having the best instruments and training for my clients. I also go the extra mile, my clients become my friends they see I care about them and their results. I often get complimented on the service I offer! I also have a signature look. It happens often where my client tells me I looked for a long time to find someone who does eyebrows like you do. I am no scared to make them bold and thick. I adapt to every clients face, in that field you want to make sure all features are in harmony. In other words, I make sure all my clients leave my clinic and look and feel on FLEEK!

What thrives you everyday ?

Meeting awesome women that trust me with their face! I build a strong relationship with them and laughing with them makes me so happy. When I show them the final result and see their eyes light up and they tell me “ Oh wow I feel so beautiful!”, that’s what makes me want to keep going. I love making women feel gorgeous ! I feel like I made a difference in their lives and that touches me.

What would you say to the non believers to convince them about the art of microblading?

Eyebrow embroidery is Now in VOGUE Magazine this month! Microblading is now hitting mainstream with a lot of celebrities such as Bella Thornes are getting their brow game on! Not only Cara Delevingne has the right to wear the crown for BROW QUEEN ! So do you! With Microblading we can safely recreate a natural arched look.

Do you have a catch phrase?

Brows are sisters not twins, that’s the saying in the industry. Our face is not symmetrical so we try to cheat nature and to make them as symmetrical as possible but we rarely see two identical eyebrows. I would also say my other favourite saying is “I woke up like this”, not only Queen B can sing that now! My clients can get their eyebrows, lips and eyeliner done with me. I accentuate their features with semi-permanent makeup and they feel gorgeous without makeup.

Who is it for?

Professionals that don’t have time to put makeup, women that have bold spots, women that want to accentuate their beauty with a natural look, women that are not good at drawing their eyebrows, cancer survivors, pretty much anyone who doesn’t want to fill in their brows anymore.

Do you think this trend will last? and if so, do you have futur projects or ideas associated with microblading?

I have “BIG” dreams! I want to start my own salon line, my own product line for microblading, start giving classes and build a brand ! I’m working on this project already! We’ll see what the future holds.

Where can we see your work?  

On my Facebook page; AU RDV !

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