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If you are searching for a line of beauty products that are organic, natural and vegan certified, then you should take a look at the new mineral beauty lines.

Mineral beauty and skin products are made from highly concentrated formulas which means you use far less and you get more for your money as opposed to the traditional brands. You never need to worry about bacterial growth, as there is no moisture contained in the mineral powders. Mineral makeup and beauty lines are environmentally friendly and are an excellent choice for your skin. The mineral foundation never gives that cakey appearance and will never run during hot weather, as the coverage gives a sheer natural lightweight finish on the skin. My favorite!

 Mineral cosmetics are lightweight for long lasting wear and gives a natural look with a wide selection of shades to choose from. The advantage of a compact pressed powder is that it give an even overall texture, and should you drop the container it will remain intact and not disperse all over the floor. Mineral cosmetics allow for a natural and smooth application, and you can buy an introduction kit that comprises of a bronzer, a kabuki brush, a hydration mist and two mineral powders. There are also four in one pressed mineral makeup kits that are suitable for all skin types and all ages. There is a minimal mess as the mineral powder comes in a compact. Mineral makeup can be applied with a sponge applicator or a brush and will give the skin a creamy smooth textured feeling.


My favorite products: 

LAURA MERCIER Mineral Pressed Powder

LAURA MERCIER Mineral Illuminating Powder

Bare Minerals Blush

Remember, to maintain a radiant, glowing, healthy skin; you need to eat healthy foods that are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, do regular exercise and use beauty products that are well suited to your skin type.

Here are a few tips;

1) Have a look at the substances on the label before purchasing them.You want your products to be formulated WITHOUT: Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates.

2) You need to evaluate the ratio of the 100% normal substances in the product; it would be more effective if the pure substances are in elevated proportion.

3) You have to look for products that are offering an assortment of vitamin herbal antioxidants, normal emollients, and vitamins. These mentioned ingredients mostly used in the branded skincare products also effective to enhance and nourish the skin. Mineral makeup contains titanium oxide and zinc oxide, which provide some sun protection. Zinc oxide is also a natural anti-inflammatory, which helps soothe irritated skin.

4) You should also make sure the item or service matches your skin type. For example: If you have acne-prone epidermis, buy the item or service that snacks this form of the epidermis, or you only buy the item that is specifically made to overcome for acne prone skin problems.

In brief, we can say that pure and natural skin care products are essential to enhance natural beauty! 


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