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By Kate Lalic


Louis Vuitton Island

It all started with a glance. Our eyes meet and it was the start of a long love story…

Isn’t it so simple to talk and write about love? Jane Austen, Shakespeare, What about feeling it? This is another story. Let’s spread it like butter on toast (or like avocado on toast for our instagram foodies).

I feel like I’m living in a black & white movie, having Breakfast at Tiffany’s, marrying a gentleman and sipping champagne with the Fitzgeralds.


Some people say love is blind. For me, it’s eye-opening. Loving someone is not always fun & games. It’s a responsibility, a guidance. You become responsible of becoming a better person, of thinking as a team. You are now thinking for two and taking decisions for two. Are you ready to give not only your heart & soul but the very best of you?

Even if there is a lot of rainy days, don’t forget that rain make things grow…

Here is our story…

His lips so close to my ears, his low voice telling me to never let go, my sun-kissed cheek brushed his cozy neck. Maybe he is the soundtrack of my life, a mix of jazzy blues and rhythm and soul.

Top & skirt: LIV & CHARLIE dix30

¨I’ll never let you go¨ are the words he said to me before taking off to our first destination. Sitting beside him, I could feel his shoulder close to mine while the wheels of the plane stopped touching ground. I felt safe. As soon as we were up in the air, my excitement came back; my boyfriend and I were traveling to south asia for a extensive journey. His words were still swirling in my head; what did he mean by never letting me go? And yes, women in general need to know the real significance underneath the message!

For me, I expected this trip to be life changing. I was captivated by the idea of finding inner peace and finding a purpose to my life; I was soul searching. I wasn’t going to pull a Julia Robert’s and travel to escape from a reality or a relationship. I had already find the one. However, my life was missing a very important puzzle piece; finding out who I really was, finding my own happiness.

Zurich, Bangkok, Chang Mai, Chang Rai, are cities we explored before boarding a fourth plane heading this time to Singapore. We had exactly 24 hours to visit this visionary & high tech state-city also known as The Garden City.

I still can’t explain how fascinating this city is; the colonial architecture adds a sophisticated british touch, the futuristic hotels transports you into another era, haute couture stores look like museums and chromatic gardens are overflowing.

To be continued…

A friend used to always tell me; One day, when you’ll catch a plane to Paris, I’ll go buy my bridesmaid dress.

Luv Lalic


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