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By Kate Lalic

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I posted a picture this weekend on Instagram and deleted it a few hours later.

Why? Because of social media pressure. I saw some stretch marks on my butt cheeks and thought the whole world would see it…

Some days I can spend more than an hour on IG gazing at beautiful girls in bikinis… Am I the only one? My insecurities take over and then my mood changes. Let’s face it, social media can be destructive or really constructive sometimes. This is why I started working on constructive projects that matters to me; my tutoring company and mobile app, a web series featuring entrepreneurs called OpenBook, a coworking and creative space in the Mile End called JEDspace. Click on the links to discover new brands and my projects!

Being behind the lens and getting my creative juice flowing is so much more rewarding than keeping up with your gram. Don’t judge a book by its cover – be interested in the story.


My look:

Polette eyewear sunglasses – made in France

Hermust one piece swimsuit – made in Montreal

Lambert  3 in 1 bag – made in Montreal

Hair & Makeup: the sun and the wind.

Pictures: JED Lab media




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