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By Kate Lalic

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June 17th, 2017

I got married last summer. It was the hottest and sunniest day of the summer. It was the perfect day.

On the other hand, the preparation part was not so perfect…I wanted to do an article sooner about the preparation, finding the dress, the good times with your bridesmaids, etc. BUT honestly, I hated planning the wedding. It’s not so glamorous after all. Budgeting and making decisions; my two worst nightmares in one. Stress, pressure, families, friends, etc. I even lost some friends along the way… A wedding does not only involve your couple, but everyone around you. It is a determining intersection in your life; some will take the road with you and some will not. I felt like it was .. the start of my life.

I didn’t want to share my wedding pictures, because I felt like it was too personal. It’s my little cocoon, my loved ones and a part of my life that I didn’t want to publish on social media. I wanted to keep my wedding sacred by keeping it for my family & friends. I’ve put a few pictures up on my Instagram account (I reposted my photographers pictures from his IG account!) and today I’m sharing with you, in this article, a few personal snapshots of my day…

I wanted to get dressed at my grandparents house. It was special for me because it is the house where I grew up and were my mom & aunt grew up too. We lived on the same street for 26 years! My mom decided to buy a house on the same street, when I was born. I was always at my grandparents house, either for crepes or to play in their enormous backyard. Ok enough nostalgia, back to the wedding day. Time went by so quickly, makeup, hair, etc. I didn’t even have time to take a sip of my Veuve Clicquot! Make sure you’re on time and you wake up early. My girls and I slept at my house, so nobody was late or had a flat tire or got kidnapped during the night. We also had a last ¨girls night¨ watching chick flicks!

At noon, I was ready to get into the limo, I was so stressed. It was the most stressful moment of my whole life. Bridesmaids were sweating, I was shouting for my bag, shoes and lingerie ; where is my lingerieeee for tonight? thank you girls for keeping me calm. My mom was running around with all the bouquets and my grandma was making sure everyone ate a sandwich before we left. Thank God for the sandwiches.

In the croatian culture, everybody wants to see the bride before going to church, so when I say everybody was in front of my grandparents house, it was LITERALLY everyone I know. Neighbours, aunts, uncles, family friends, etc. They were all cheering and waiting to see me opening the front door. It was my princess moment. The word stopped turning for a minute.

I tried to breathe in this humid hot air… It was happening. This moment is now all a blur, it felt like a dream…


Funny story; our limousine chauffeur took the bridge to Montreal but our church was on the south shore!!!! I realized at the entrance of the bridge that he was not at all in the right direction and forced him to make a U-turn…!! It was so illegal and dangerous with a limousine but we had no choice! Don’t mess with a stressed bride!


A few reminders


Make sure you pack a weekender bag with a change of clothes, flat shoes, lingerie, perfume, gum, deodorant, makeup, makeup remover,  a Tide to go stick, snacks, water bottles, etc. It’s the emergency kit for your and your bridesmaids. 

Stick to your budget. Don’t let people or vendors influence you, you don’t need extra flowers? Then don’t buy them and don’t over do it. Well, it depends on your style and taste also. I went with super simple table centrepieces; Bouquets of white Baby Breath in a tall Eiffel vase. For the bouquets; Peonies of course!

 It took us 6 months to organize everything…. Yes only six months.  You just need to be constant and have a calendar and an Excel sheet to keep track of your budget.

The big question; how did you know it was THE dress ? Usually your first pick is the best one. You always return to your first idea or choice. For me,

Stress doesn’t bring you anywhere, make sure to book your appointments first. You are the bride! Being selfish for your special day is part of the deal. Take care of your feelings and communicate. Nobody is able to read your mind and know how you envision this perfect day. Share your thoughts with your bridesmaids, they are your rock.


My wedding theme


I didn’t have a wedding theme, only a color palette; blush, gold and navy blue. It was more a ¨feeling¨ than a theme. I’m a classic black&white movie kind of girl. Simple and traditional. A touch of romance and an European flair was necessary. This is why we chose le Vieux-Port Steak House as our venue.

My table decorations consisted in; a rosemary branch with a ribbon, the menu and a party favour. Simple as that. Of course, lots of candles. 

In Croatia, rosemary is considered as a welcome to wedding guests. Each guest receives a single branch of rosemary which is pinned to their left side as corsages. Often, the rosemary is decorated with a red-white-blue ribbon that symbolizes the Croatian flag. I traded the traditional ribbon for a sheer blush one that matched the bridesmaids gowns.

My party favour was an antique gold vintage key that could be used as a bottle opener. They came with a kraft color escort tags and twine — that I also used as a unique place setting card.  I found them on Etsy. (click for the link)

My vendors


My ¨sur mesure¨ dress & mantilla was hand made by Sonia at Flower Song Bridal Design.

My bouquet and flower arrangements were created by Lucia at Florale (in Boucherville) She is the best and the sweetest. 

My incredible ¨marble¨ modern & sleek looking cake was baked by BBakery. 

Venue: restaurant Vieux-Port Steakhouse

Hair & Makeup: Achaia Select team

Bridesmaids dresses: Boudoir 1861

Groom’s ¨sur mesure¨ tuxedo: Nathan Kong 

My photographer: Francis Fraioli

My videographers: JED Wed   

My accessories: the Diapason necklace & earrings Swarovski 

My shoes:  the Staycey simple white pumps at  Aldo 

My tan: Nancy at BioBronze, she is a sweetheart and you can do a at-home spray tan party with your girls. She brings her tent and equipment to your house, you just need to provide the bottles of wine 😉 

My nails: Andrea at Salon Tip n’ Toe, bring your girls. She will make you feel so special and work her magic!

If you have questions about my vendors or just want to talk ¨wedding¨, send me an email, Most importantly; enjoy your day to the fullest and try to remember to eat!!!!


Luv Lalic.



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