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By Laureen Pressoir

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Is there anything you can’t do?

Believe me when I say that you can be your very own beautician at home in just a few easy steps.

Learn how to make natural products the best assets to your beauty regimen!

Olive Oil

Known as liquid gold, olive oil is the one ingredient that will work wonders for your hair. Remember: Quality Over Quantity. No need to use a ton. It’s one very easy step to quickly nourish your dry and/or itchy scalp. Divide your hair into sections, apply small drops on your scalp, and cover your head with a shower cap or a towel for a few minutes before going back under the shower. For best results: Leave it between 15-60 minutes before rinsing. Olive oil is also used in most natural face and body scrubs. Want the perfect mix ? Add some avocado!


Coconut comes in different forms: Solid, Oil, Water. Whether it’s for its light, yet rich moisturizing texture, sweet smell or delicious taste, you can apply it on your face, hair and body and drink coconut water for its antioxidant benefits and high level in Vitamin C or add it to your favorite recipes! Coconut oil softens and defines curls, adds shine and reverses dryness. It can be your everyday nourishing leave-in treatment or a conditioning mask after washing your hair. You can use it to hydrate your skin, remove your make-up and to whiten your teeth.

Brown Sugar

Mixed with coconut or olive oil, et voilà, you have it: your own scrub for your face and body! In addition to smelling amazing, a brown sugar scrub isn’t too harsh and not irritating at all! It’s safe for sensitive skin, and you’ll experience less redness afterwards, compared to regular scrubs. It’s the perfect recipe to smoother skin and to reduce the appearance of pores on your face. Summer is right around the corner, it’s time to reveal your natural glow! It is suggested to exfoliate before hair removal, to remove dead cells and to treat ingrown hair.



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